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A9 TV; 29 November 2011

Greece tried to solve the crisis politically. But it cannot. The solution is faith, belief in and love of Allah, Islam. They produce a lot of materialists.

A9 TV;  October 11th, 2011

Greece and Turkey will surely unite; but by means of the system of the Mahdi. Otherwise, the anarchists of Greece would not embrace this unity. First love has to come about. Love, compassion, mercy have to come about. The love of Allah, love for human beings, animals and plants. One has to have love for everything that Allah creates. Now a guy with a shallow mindset may come up and say, “Let’s unite with Turkey.” Why? For economic interests. He wants to attain relief, to find good food, to find entertainment. Unity can not be based on these factors. No way. A union is established for Allah’s good pleasure. If it stems from the love of Allah, the unity brings abundance. With such a (false) union (based on selfish interests), Allah forbid, they may ruin Turkey. A union is made with pure, sincere intentions; for Allah’s good pleasure, to remember Allah, to love Allah’s servants and because we love Allah’s manifestations ,and it is a provision of the Qur’an. Otherwise you may unite but nothing good comes  from that union. It is the system of the Mahdi that will ensure this union. It will inspire that divine love, that love of Allah into hearts Insha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 20th, 2011

Europe has lapsed into a dead silence. They have almost lost their souls. In the past they used to palaver; those tongues of guys who constantly told lies about Darwinism became paralyzed. Liars have some sort of energy, right? But I pulled their tongues off by means of science. Now they cannot lie. I say, “Now lie if you can!”

A9 TV;October 7th, 2011

(Regarding the recent developments in Greece about which even the most fervid nationalists say that "Turkey can save Greece" and that they want to leave EU and unite with Turkey.) 

Masha'Allah. Look how nicely they are talking. So that means the Turkish Islamic Union is a complete salvation. Look when I have said this three years ago; when I said that we will unite with Greece, people used to say "You don't say! No way!" Now even the most extreme  of those people want this. There is nothing complicated in this.  When we come to the Greek border the cats will be playing there and there will be nothing else. We will directly pass by the border. That is the whole issue. They will come by directly passing by the border as well. Let them come here, let them come buy oranges, tangerines and go back to their own lands. Let them come and sell their goods wherever they like. Let our brothers go and establish facilities in their lands wherever they like. The whole issue is to remove the controls in those border check points. You know those officers waiting there at the border check points; you will just remove them and that is it. Just as we can go to Konya easily, we will be able to go there in the same comfort. Thessaloniki etc., those are all the lands of our forefathers. We will be able to go there easily just like we did at the time of the Ottomans. And they will be able to come here as they like. That is the whole matter. You will tell the officers there; "Friends, off you go, you can go to your homes and deal with your own business." There is nothing else that would complicate the matter. Greece would then become extremely wealthy, neither that or this problem would remain. And they will give up that "Euro" as well. They will do business with the Turkish currency, not in Euro. They will then be able to live as ever they like. They will be in the utmost comfort and wealth. They should not wait for this, there is nothing to wait. They should decide on it. Let our Prime Minister get together with theirs and sit at the   table. Let them pass this decision through the parliament and thus have the matter closed. That is half an hours' work, that is it. There is nothing complicated. Greeks; most of them are Turks anyway. Look at the Greek people they are all the same. They are exactly the same as our Anatolian people. Their basic nature and disposition is very similar. Their outlook and such are the same. Look at the Greek villagers and look at Turkish villagers of Thrace; they are all the same.  

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