The Secret Beyond Matter


A9 TV, 4 September 2012

Communism is an economic system, but it says that violence is the only way to implement that economic system. There is no peaceful communism in Marxist-Leninist thinking. What does Lenin say? “You must kill soldiers and the police.” Then he says, “If you want to achieve your aim, there is no alternative means in communism. You must use violence if you want the revolution.”  Violence and terror are communism’s only weapon. And since communist thinking is based on Darwinism and Materialism, the system will collapse when you pull Darwinism away from under it. That is the issue.

A9 TV, 30 August 2012

(Speaking at an inter-governmental summit in Iran, Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi said, “The peoples of Palestine and Syria are fighting for liberty and honor. The Syrian revolution is against a despotic regime. The whole world is responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Our humanity and faith require us to stand alongside the Syrian people against the despotic Syrian regime.” The Syrian delegation left the hall when Mursi began speaking. President Mursi also stated that they support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.)

“Peaceful nuclear energy.” They imagine that communists will stand up like they used to in the past and openly say, “I am a communist.” Not so. Communists think they have been very clever indeed, at least in their own eyes. Since the entire world reacts against, and is repelled by the word communist, they have tried to abstain from using the word communist, which is now regarded as an insult. Russia said, “We have destroyed communism.” How? Russia is still communist. Communism is still in power in the Turkic states. Communism is still in power in Azerbaijan, but only because it has been imposed on them, not out of choice. Communism is in power in China. Communism is in power in Iran, and Syria is communist. There was a communist regime in Iraq too, but that collapsed. The present regime in Iraq is uncertain; but there was a very powerful communist structure in Iraq. Ba'athists were everywhere. This mistake therefore stems from people thinking that communism has collapsed.

Communism has simply changed its name and mask. Iran calls itself the Islamic Republic of Iran, but communism is in power there. The state is communist in Iran, and Darwinism is the official ideology. Darwinism is taught by the state. They talk about religion and the way of Islam and the Mahdi, but it is as if they are laughing at them. They say, “We are awaiting the Mahdi (pbuh).” If you ask, “Where is the Mahdi (pbuh)?” they reply, “In people’s houses. In the form of light, can you not see?” They are laughing at people. The president, the prime minister says, “I have heard his voice. He came in the form of light.” “I saw him at the United Nations assembly, he came as light,” he says. They are laughing at people. What light? There is just normal lighting there. When the lights are turned on, of course the place is lit up. “Look, I have seen light, the Mahdi (pbuh) is here,” he says. They foolishly think they are being very cunning for the sake of getting rid of the way of the Mahdi. What is taken seriously in Iran is communism. People are seriously communist. They make no concessions on that. Look, for example,  there were the countries of the Warsaw Pact. They changed the name to the Shanghai Group. The Shanghai Group has replaced the Warsaw Pact. They just changed the name because NATO used to follow a ruthless policy of “War against the communist bloc, the countries of the Warsaw Pact.” Secret states within states were even set up. Mafia-type organizations were set up. Nuclear arms production was stepped up. Nuclear subs were built and aircraft careers constructed; in other words, their idea was to do whatever it took to eradicate communism. But they then saw that the communist countries could not stand up to that. So they said, “We have defeated communism. We have done away with the Warsaw Pact.” And what happened? “We have changed the name,” they say. Same restaurant, different table. Iran is also part of the Shanghai Group, a Warsaw Pact country. The Warsaw Pact has not been eliminated. Syria is also part of the Warsaw Pact. Nobody can bring it down because it is a communist country. NATO cannot intervene. They are afraid that  the result would be a world war. They are crushing Muslims underfoot there.


A9 TV, July 18th, 2012

Communism is cold and scary. It is not a system compliant with  human nature . Of course it might carry some sincere, candid, humane goals but generally, it is as if one  man says; "My head is aching" and another man says; "Well, let me cut your head so that I can save you from your headache; I feel pity for you." This is the method they use. You are thus destroying the man. You ruin his religion, his faith, his spirituality, his joy and his happiness. "I have brought you bread," take that bread and use it  however you like. What are we going to do with the bread you bring to this expense? There is no friendship behind the gesture, no companionship, no religion. no faith. The depth of life would thus be destroyed. You would thus wither all sources of compassion and mercy. You are thus turning a man into a wild animal. And then you say, "I will give you food, I will give you a job." There is no need for that food, no need for that job. No one has that happiness no one has excitement, no one has that spiritual depth. They have stripped off their humanity. They have turned into a part of a machine. They don't know the first things about compassion, mercy, humaneness, friendship or brotherhood, they know no such feelings. They have no family ties.

A9 TV; 1 November 2011

(In response to the question “What does Islam say about communism?”)

Islam does not speak of communism, it speaks of the dajjal [antichrist]. The name of dajjal is communism, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

Sooner or later, Turkey will wage a worldwide struggle against communism. There will be a giant power in Turkey against communism, materialism and Darwinism and it will challenge the entire world. You will see this because except for that, Turkey has no way out. It is not possible to resolve the problem by military operations or other measures. It would be solved by now if the current measures were applicable. It has been 30 years. It is seen that a contrary system is at work.

The struggle against communism is possible only with science. If you demolish Darwinism, you also demolish communism. When Darwinism collapses, communism disappears, but the state supports Darwinism right now. This makes our task so difficult.

A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

(A question about communism by an audience member: “Is it so bad that everyone is equal in communism? Do you think communism is bad? Can a Muslim not be a communist? Do all communists have to abide by the saying of Marx, “Religion is the opium of the people”? Indeed, the state has no religion right now. There will be places of worship, so there won’t be any thing different. The only thing that will change is the fact that everyone will be equal in economic terms. Wouldn’t you want to be equal with a worker or a civil servant?”)

“The equality of everyone.”, “Is it so bad that everyone is equal in communism?” Of course it is bad. “Can a Muslim not be a communist?” Of course he cannot be. Do all communists have to abide by the saying of Marx, “Religion is the opium of the people?” Well, if he does not abide, then he is not  a communist. That is to say, if he changes Marxism or Leninism, it becomes a different ideology and he becomes a revisionist or an opportunist. It is something else.  The state has no religion right now, so there will not be much difference. The state has no religion, but the state is not hostile to the religion. In communism, the state is officially hostile to the religion. “There will be places of worship, so there won’t be any thing different.” This means that you know nothing abut communism. In Russia, they massacred even those poor Buddhist priests en masse. Christian priests, Muslim scholars. They even  made a list of the sayyids. My grandfather was  also included in this list; he was  the third on the list. They wanted to hang them but my grandfather migrated to Turkey. In Russia, they determined the sayyids who descended from our Prophet (saas) one by one, so my grandfather migrated to Turkey. My grandfather was to be the third to be hanged. “The only thing that will change is the fact that everyone will be equal in economic terms.” Equality in  economic terms. This is the creed of the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It is copied from the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). In the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as),  economic equality is achieved by means of love and freedom without any pressure. Communism is the false system of Mahdi. It is the application of the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as)  with no Book and no Allah. The system of Hazrat Mahdi (as)  is a beauty of the world that loves Allah and that is attached to Him with fervor.  Social justice with no Allah and no Book. What would happen if you accomplish economic welfare, give food and soup to people once they have no Allah and the Book, once spiritual values are eliminated and nothing like love, brotherhood, friendship, chastity, family remains behind? The dajjal will indeed provide soup to people.

A9 TV; November 30th, 2011

(About people who like the violence and bloodshed of communists and thus became communists)

He must have just been a communist. He must have gathered information from here and there. Someone must have told him something. He must have got it  from magazines and so on. He has got in the mood of a communist. He must have viewed the pictures of Che Guevara. He might have been amazed with the beard of Marx, as in “What a thick beard  he has”. He might have liked the violence of the communists. Because as far as I can see from his manner, he looks like a ruthless man. He might have liked the sadism of the communists. He might have liked bloodshed. He might have liked that they are against  religion and what is sacred. He might have liked being psychopath. If you let him, he would become a satanist. What does he do instead? He says, “Let’s become a communist”. This is the thing. If these are not communists, they either become satanists or join  gangs. They join the street gangs. Or rather they join the mafia. Therefore, in such people such characteristics can be seen. You are very cultured and informed. So you can size him up in short. Even if he says, “I do not understand” he must already have.

A9 TV; October 30th, 2011 

(Regarding the news report about the terror organization PKK’s sending a lorry full of bombs to a police control center)

What we are facing right now is the movement of the PKK; these people commit crimes, they murder and bomb. When we ask them, “Why do commit these acts?” they simply answer, “We believe in the dialectic-materialist philosophy; our point of view towards life is different from yours. We do not believe in the true religion, the Islam and the Qur’an [may Allah forbid]. We also do not believe in the Torah or the Gospel, and we do not believe in any religion.” Well, how many people of this conviction are there? The communist party is one of the strongest parties in France. It is also the case in Italy. The German communist party, the communist parties in Europe are very powerful in Europe. Denmark, Norway. Most of them already have  socialist administrations; in fact they are communist administrations but they call it socialist. In other words, they are opportunists; that is to say, revisionists; they have changed it but in philosophical terms, they are communists. They read “Das Kapital” by Marx. The books of Marx are dominant over the party program. When asked how they arrive at  such a mindset, they explicitly state that they are based on  Marxist thinking. When we also look at the PKK, we see that it has a Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist structure. If we speak of brotherhood to these guys and say, “Let’s live together in peace; what a beautiful country we have, let’s be brothers”, they would not understand. You are speaking to  communists, to Marxists. It is an entirely different religion, a different creed and a different dimension. They would not listen to you. Only Muslims can know brotherhood. Some people say, “Is it becoming to commit such a terrorist act on a blessed day like Friday; or on Ramadan?” Would a communist heed the blessed nature of Friday? What is the point in feigning ignorance about it? PKK is a communist movement, a communist uprising; it is the greatest communist uprising in the history of the Turkish Republic. If you attempt to suppress a communist uprising by military methods, police methods, you can not deliver any results. They could not accomplish it in Cuba. Nor in Vietnam,  Cambodia, nor in North Korea. They could not get any results anywhere; nor in China, nor in Russia. Such measures even expand the influence of communism. It expands as they go over it with such measures because if you send the guy into prison, then his son, uncle, his relatives, they all join the communist movement. This is often the case. If they kill the guy, again all his family, his people become communists. This is the general tendency. This does not hold true only in exceptional cases. They generally tend to the communist mindset because in a spirit of family ties, they want to take revenge. They do whatever is necessary to take revenge. Is it necessary to convert to communism in order to take revenge? He becomes a communist out of obstinacy. That is why these issues must be handled through science, rationality and love. Scientific methods, rational methods must be employed. All the means of scientific science must be employed. First of all, a rational criticism of the dialectic-materialist philosophy is essential. With a rational explanation, its inaccuracy must be told. Other than this, they should be approached with compassion and love. Other methods would not work.

A9 TV; October 30th, 2011 

In order to be a communist, there is no need to be so informed; you can make a guy a communist only in a matter of two hours. And it is a matter of only two hours for a very sapient communist to put on the airs of a professor. Because the guy is irreligious, faithless, he easily becomes tired of his life. He may simply want to die. He chooses to die and to kill. That is why scientific solutions, scientific explanations are of vital importance. The facts must be expounded with love and compassion in a rational manner, without humiliating them. Communism is allergic against humiliation. If you humiliate communists, they become more rampant. One must approach them with science and compassion. Science makes them paralyzed. It almost hypnotizes them. Once you put forward the scientific evidences and show them the molecular structure of a protein, they lose their faith in Darwinism. But if you remain obstinate with them, they remain vigilant. This is evident in all cases we observe all over the world. That is because satan helps them. They have a bond with satan because the dajjal is not an ordinary being. The power of the dajjal is explained in the hadiths at length. Allah grants an enormous power to the dajjal. For instance our Prophet (saas) speaks of the dajjal’s power of inculcation. It is related, “Especially the ignorant will readily believe in the dajjal.” The dajjal has a tremendous power of inculcation. Again it is related in the hadith, “The dajjal shows his system as Paradise and Islam as Hell.” This is what is being done at the moment. “And he will show wonders.” And he will appear like a scientist, but his science drifts people into perversion. So what is to be done? They will be guided to the true religion through science. You will, by means of science, enlighten a man who is pushed into perversion through science.

A9 TV; October 30th, 2011 

(In response to the question, “What is it to be a communist?”)

Being a communist is simply leading the life of an animal. Just as how the lives of dogs or the herds of animals are. These guys simply suggest turning back to such a society, that is it. For instance just as how dogs eat everything  when they find food; or just as how they mate with one another. There is no religion, no family; nothing at all. They want that system to reign. This is what communism is. Think of a herd of animals. They eat everything  when they find a source of food; they mate with one another. There is no religion, no family, nothing at all. They want that system to reign. This is the outline. This is the order that the terror organization of PKK longs for. This is what the communal society is. The primitive communal society. They say, “We will return to it.” Wait if you can ever return. You will see the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). You will see the light. You will learn how it is to live like human beings and their beauties. After that period, they will live by the most advanced form of communism. After Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as) pass away, that communist mindset, that primitive society they long for, that life form resembling to that of dogs will be staged once again. Just as how dogs savage one another, attack one another, eat everything when they find some food. They will mate like dogs but this corruption begins only after Hijri 1506. After 1543, this is established within two years. The most rampant period will be experienced following the 1540s. The world will no longer be a liveable place. It will be an incredibly awful place, may Allah forbid. Then PKK as well as the Stalinists will reign. They will all be [in charge]. But in this period [the present], the system of Mahdi will be dominant, Insha’Allah.

A9TV; October 23rd, 2011

For instance Gaddafi was not clean. Some of the youngsters in Libya are like him as well; he has raised them to be Darwinists, materialists. He raised them with a socialist, Marxist mindset, with a Leninist mindset. He himself was a Leninist. Marxist, Leninist thought, the dialectic philosophy has been injected into the youngsters in Libya day and night with the hand of the state. Later on when those raving youngsters approached him, such a result had been attained. That is because people who do not have love for Allah, people who do not fear Allah become aggressive, they do not possess compassion, mercy. He then attempts to lecture them on Islamic law. In a welter of blood he says; "What you are doing is not correct, it is not religiously lawful, what you are doing is wrong according to the Qur'an. You have to act according to the Qur'an, you know it is wrong." he says. What have you taught them before, and what you are explaining now? Did you not teach them Darwinism, materialism? Did you not explain to them Atheism? Didn't you spread Darwinist propaganda at schools night and day? Were you not a socialist yourself? Have you not published a book called "The Green Book" against the Qur'an? Have you not told people, "Abide by this green book"? Have you ever said, "Abide by the Qur'an"? You said, "Abide by the green book." You have made socialist-communist propaganda night and day. You have raised people with the mindset of Che, with the mindset of Castro, with the mindset of Ho Chi Minh.  And then you are trying to influence them with a lecture on faith in a few seconds, you are trying to correct them. You are trying to stop them. Would that work? It does not, as you see. The men are smiling, making V signs with their hands, making the sign of victory. They are having their pictures taken. They have beaten the man to death. Even though he had surrendered, they  riddled him with holes. They have killed this man there both by beating and by shooting. That is a grave persecution. For someone who has surrendered, there is a law. If he surrenders, nothing can be done to him. There is a law of war. Seeing that law of war is applied, even if a foreign soldier surrenders, that is okay, you just take him as a captive.  Here the man says, "I surrender" and you are constantly shooting at him. And as if it was a great accomplishment, they all are having their pictures taken standing in front of the corpse. They are trying to present Muslims as if they were all such a brutal, aggressive, sanguinary, fierce faction.

This Libya incident is very significant. I have said this about Gaddafi months ago as well. I've said, "Look, do not educate youth as socialists, do not raise them to be Darwinists or materialists. They will then cause trouble to you." and warned him. I have said this earlier as well. "And one day you will be up against the wall." I have said. Look, all that I have said has come true. And they have become a trouble to him; the youth of his own nation has caused a trouble to him. Those are the men he raised himself. That is because you have come up with this green book against the Qur'an. I've been saying this for months. I've said this even before this riot in Libya has appeared. I told him, "Not to come up with that green book." I have told him, "To show himself with the Qur'an." I have warned him to drop the Darwinist, materialist training as well. But he did not heed my words. And then he attempts to lecture them on Islamic law within his last five minutes. Could that work? It could, but they still do not listen to him, as you see. That is because the man has lost his ground. He has lost himself.  


A9 TV, 1 May 2012

Previously, communists really used to put on airs. They would wear earthy colors and look all intellectual. Some of the people were regarded as ignorant. And there really were a great many bigots in those days. Bigots were to the fore. These intellectual airy-fairy communists genuinely regarded themselves as far superior, intellectually. They put them down. Then I stood up and intellectually annihilated these bigots. And everything was immaculate once the Darwinist, materialist system had been eliminated. Nothing was left of either their shameful activities, nor that of the bigots, nor what the communists fondly imagined to be their successes. People now feel sorry for the communists.

There is one good thing about communists – they are idealists. They devote themselves to that cause. If a communist becomes a Muslim then with that character he can provide huge services. He will be really perfect, insha’Allah. They have studied the End Times a bit. They have come to an opinion, but there is group spirit in communism. If they leave, they will be isolated. Since their friend in the cafe is a communist and their other friends are communists, that has a great impact. They have friends in various parts and wonder what they could do if they stepped outside that circle. They cannot feel at ease among religious people. And they cannot live alone. They think their circle of friends would criticize them very strongly. One can tell that from their language. It is impossible to remain a Darwinist after reading the Atlas of Creation. These people have understood what is going on, but they have a great pride. They do not accept defeat. There is this huge pride and arrogance in some of them. They need to be able to overcome that and be realistic.

“The whole world must be brothers.” Fine, but does communism bring you brotherhood? It just brings rivers of blood. What do they say? “A red Sun will rise over the horizon of a red sea of blood.” You are talking about a sea of blood. So much for love and brotherhood! You say there will be a sea of human blood. But there is not a drop of blood in Islam and the system of the Mahdi. “Not even their noses will be made to bleed,” he says. If you want world peace, then come and seek it in Islam. If you want social justice. Look, he says, “There will be such an abundance of goods that even the poorest person will be ashamed of all he has, saying, ‘Am I the greediest person in the whole Islamic Community?’ and will want to give back what he has been given. But the treasury will not take it back.” “There will be a huge wealth,” says our Prophet (saas). There is social justice for you. Everyone is well-off.

You talk about peace, and you talk about a sea of blood. You talk about social justice, and about the dictatorship of the proletariat. But the rulers of that dictatorship live very well indeed. They had their dachas and things in Russia while the people were wretched. The people were always poor. They were wretched in Russia and China. But that is really put into practice in Islam. Something happens that does not exist in communism. Love and compassion. Is there any compassion in communism? No. What does Lenin say, “Have no mercy. If you have mercy you cannot be a Leninist.” Allah has made compassion obligatory. But they have no affection or compassion. Can you have love without affection and compassion? There is no love in them, either. And where there is no love, people cease being human, may Allah forbid. That if why you have this subconscious and excellent idea that all these things can be found in Islam, in being a Muslim. You may say, what about all those bigots? We are not insisting you have any dealing with them. Forget about the bigots. I am telling you the truth. Bigots are like crazy people, or rather they are crazy people. And bigots do not really believe, they have no faith. Neither is it clear why they are bigots. It is a miracle. I fail to understand. They try to impose the commandments they have invented, and that they neither believe in nor practice, on others

Where is Leninist think without terrorism? You cannot be a Leninist without there being terror and violence. The communist system always comes to power through violence. You cannot have communism through peaceful means. That is a fact. That is why we need rational and scientific activity.

A9 TV, 28 April 2012

Approach communists in a friendly way, rather than with anger. Hatred is no good. At the end of the day, they are also servants of Allah. They also honestly say, “I am an atheist.” They are not pagans or hypocrites. They are not at all hypocritical. Because they openly state, “I am an atheist.” As if to say, that is how Allah has created me. One must first be friends. One must stress their good sides. Because their social justice is fine. They want peace. There is actually no peace or social justice in communism, but they say there will be in the future. What there really is, is bloodshed. How can there be peace under communism? There is only violence and bloodshed. But the way they do not want violence and hope for peace is still very good. But since we base ourselves on science and reason, then you can suggest we talk scientifically and rationally. What are the roots of Marxism? Dialectical philosophy. What is that dialectical philosophy point to as tangible proof of Marxism? Darwinism. The dialectic of living things, and they apply that everywhere. They apply the dialectic of history and the dialectic of life. They apply it everywhere in society. You can ask if that is possible. You can ask what protein is and suggest you examine it together. How many amino acids are there in a protein molecule? How many proteins are needed for a living organism to emerge? Talk about this. It is technically impossible for a protein to come into being by chance. The odds against are 1 followed by 950 zeros, and that is effectively zero possibility. My dear brother, it is out of the question. If you put 950 zeros side by side it is still impossible for a protein to form by chance. So what is required? A conscious power. An intelligent and most superior force. But if we still insist on deceiving ourselves and saying “No, protein can form by chance,” then we are flying in the face of science, logic, reason and everything. The matter ends here, so what need is there to talk about anything else? The whole system collapses there. Is not Marxism built on that? It all falls down. You have built on rotten foundations. Allah compares it to a spider’s den in one verse. But if you are a patriot, if you protect the poor, then advocate the system of the Mahdi. If you want peace, find it in the system of the Mahdi. If you want social justice, there will be such plenty that even the poorest man will give it back. “I have so much that I am ashamed,” he will say, as he returns what he has been given. There is no bloodshed in this, only peace and love. The frontiers are lifted and all people in the whole world are brothers. Wars have ended and there is no imperialism, capitalism, fascism or violence. But there is love, peace, civilization, modernity, democracy, a spirit of enlightenment, culture, science and art. What more do you want? Is that not what you want? Is that not your ideal? But you can do this by believing in Allah. But why is it so hard to believe in Allah? Why are you so stubborn? Do you really not believe? Of course you believe. At the very least they are unsure, 50-50. And that is in any case faith.

A9 TV, 16 April 2012

Capitalism and communism are systems that have emerged from Darwinism. America is in the capitalist system, and China is in the communist system. But if you notice, their styles and models and everything are the same. Therefore, there is no problem of capitalism and communism, but rather one of Darwinism and materialism. Darwinism and materialism represent the philosophy of both communist and capitalist thinking. So we need to concentrate on a single point; Darwinism and materialism. If you can tear down Darwinism and materialism, then you have torn down the communist and capitalist system.

A9 TV, 8 April 2012

There are two blocs in the world. There is a communist bloc and a capitalist, liberal bloc led by America. The communist bloc has included Iran. Although it looks like there is Islam in Iran, communism rules behind the scenes. Communist thinking predominates. They carried out that revolution together with the communist party. It is clear from the name “revolution.” How can you have a revolution in Islam? Did our Prophet (saas) come through a revolution? You can have uprisings. Iran is in collaborations with whatever communist countries there are in the world. They are a bloc. While there appears to be a Shiite, Jafri system in Iran, it is communist thinking that rules. The state imposes the teaching of Darwinism and materialism to students. You can feel communism even in the style that students adopt. The methods, language and style are all typically communist. Instead of the war, loving and innocent Shiite belief we were used to in the Ottoman Empire, they are dominated by an aggressive and bloodthirsty communist way of talking.

A9 TV, 4 April 2012

The founders of communism made a huge mistake. They based it on Darwinism.How can you vase such a philosophy on such a rotten system as Darwinism? They never imagined such a thing. That is why leftist young people have been so humiliated and shamed. They dedicate their lives to it and act very seriously, but Darwinism is a disgrace. Utterly humiliating. You see how they suffer and roll around in agony. There used to be no way of responding to this. They built a system that could not be criticized. Most religious people were afraid of Darwinism. People fear what they do not know. We can see that if I had not been around they would have steamrollered right over them.

The founders of communism made a huge mistake. They based it on Darwinism. How can you vase such a philosophy on such a rotten system as Darwinism? They never imagined such a thing. That is why leftist young people have been so humiliated and shamed. They dedicate their lives to it and act very seriously, but Darwinism is a disgrace. Utterly humiliating. You see how they suffer and roll around in agony. There used to be no way of responding to this. They built a system that could not be criticized. Most religious people were afraid of Darwinism. People fear what they do not know. We can see that if I had not been around they would have steamrollered right over them.

A9 TV, 13 March 2012

Leftist young people are like that due to tradition. “Revolutionism” is “bravery” and “protecting the public”, and it is “being honest” and they also say “there is evolution.” They think in a very simple way. They say, “Even when we leave water, tiny beings form.” So people do not think deeply; they think in a shallow and artificial way.

Signs of faith are so strong that the left cannot take it. Science destroys communism. Science has become the greatest trouble to communism, atheism and Darwinism. My weapon against them is science. These would emerge with science. These foretold of the system that already destroyed them. My brother, he is talking about physicists, modern physicists and all of them believe in Allah. You are talking about the Big Bang; it is destroying your system. He says, “Let’s examine the structure of proteins.” When you say that, you already destroy your own system.

A9 TV, 26 August 2011

(About the uprising against the communist regime beginning in China)

People now demand freedom, and that is good. But the final destination, of course, is the way of the Mahdi. They can be free but still fight and clash with one another. That means nothing. The important thing is to oppose Darwinist, materialist philosophy, to genuinely understand the signs leading to faith, the proofs of the oneness and existence of Allah and to have since faith. In that way lies the salvation of the world. Otherwise they will keep suffering. Being liberal, somewhere in the middle, is no salvation. One will still be stressed and troubled. People are always stressed and troubled. People can only be happy and valuable through faith. Human beings are holy entities, as manifestations and the spirit of Allah. But they only become valuable when they realize this. But Allah says in one verse that “they are like animals, or lower than animals.” And that is when the fighting and conflict begins, may Allah forbid.

A9 TV, 18 August 2011

Communism and democracy cannot co-exist. Democracy involves freedom of ideas, a conception of peace. Respect for everyone’s ideas. But communism is based on the dictatorship of the proletariat. Communism accepts no ideas other than its own. They have this idea of conflict. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, that sort of thing. They always want their own ideas to come out on top. That is why they say that all ways are legitimate. They rob banks, kill people, plant bombs and commit all sorts of atrocity. There are no rules under communism. There is no moral principle in communism. Communism rejects morality. It regards morality as a chain of rules produced by religion and as illogical. Communism also regards the State as unnecessary, and the family as unnecessary. It rejects religion. That is why although our officials do not mention it, this is a communist rebellion. You need anti-communist activities against a communist uprising. There is no other way. There are currently no scientific activities going on. No intellectual anti-communist, anti-Leninist activities. Nobody apart from us is engaged in anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist activity. I mean there are, but the State should be doing it.

The way of the dajjal [antichrist] is causing the economic crisis in order to inflict communism on the world. The way of the dajjal has a global secret state of 300 people. They caused the economic crisis so that communism would rule the world and so the way of the dajjal could enjoy global dominion. People will be in a despairing state in the economic crisis, and they will thus incite immorality. They will then say the solution is communism. They want to set it in motion from Asian countries and the Southeast. They have best installed it there. Because the structure is ideal, the geography is ideal, and since education levels are very low there communism can spread very easily. And since they are aware of that, they want to make the best use of it. These are people who have been raised full of hatred. People full of feelings of revenge. They are not the kind to say it is all over so everyone can go back home. They will only just be beginning than, and that is when the real attack aimed at establishing a communist state will begin.

A9 TV, 10 August 2011

Allah says in one verse that unbelief is a single nation. Communists are a single nation and they watch over and protect one another very well. The way of the Mahdi is also a single nation. They also watch over and protect one another very well. There is an intellectual struggle to the death between the way of the Mahdi and the way of the dajjal (antichrist). One sheds blood, while Hazrat Mahdi (as) stops it. One sheds and feeds on blood. Satan demands blood from them. But the way of the Mahdi stops bloodshed. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is he who stops bloodshed.

A9 TV, 5 August 2011

There is a scourge called communism, the way of the dajjal (antichrist). There is no other way of opposing the way of the dajjal than by the way of the Mahdi. Otherwise, one will immediately be defeated if one tries to oppose the way of the dajjal without the way of the Mahdi. There is no other way. They will be defeated wherever they are. The economic crisis in Europe has now begun. At the end of that crisis they will give in and become communists. That is what self-interested, materialist people will do. They will turn to communism when they cannot resolve it through the liberal economy, capitalist economy. The global secret state is currently working to prepare the ground for communism. The global secret state is producing the economic crisis. They are trying to turn Europe, which cannot withstand the crisis, communist. They tried to create an economic crisis in Turkey, too, but because of the abundance of the way of the Mahdi it cannot touch here. As a miracle, it cannot touch us.

There had to be a mobilization in Turkey and the world against communism. There can be no other means of opposing it. There has to be a scientific, intellectual struggle. Some people say this is terrible oppression, what they are doing, and say it should not be happening in the holy month of Ramadan. But communists pay no heed to Ramadan. Savagery is a communist technique, the communist style. It is a weapon they can never relinquish. How can they? They say they are very saddened. But the more they say that, the more it encourages the communist movement and accelerates it. That is what they want. They go into paroxysms of joy every time they see a martyr’s body. Such things really strengthen the organization; weeping and lamentation. Day and night, the television describes what the PKK terror organization is doing. It has been on all the TV stations for the last 30 years; funerals, reports of bombings every day, daily references to the PKK. Never a day without mention of Abdullah Öcalan or the PKK. And that is what the organization wants, what the PKK wants. There is no way to stop it apart from intellectual propaganda. The first thing the State must do is to stop Darwinist propaganda in all schools and everywhere. The state must put a stop to Darwinist propaganda on TRT and everywhere. There must be no official Darwinist propaganda in high schools and universities. If there is any, it must come with a rebuttal, a scientific. But one-sided propaganda just prepares the way for communism’s main foundation, its main philosophy. Then it is easy to establish communism. If a person has a materialist and Darwinist mindset, there is no reason why he should not be a communist. If he sincerely believes in Darwinism and materialism, if he believes in thesis, antithesis and synthesis, in the dialectical system, then he is a communist. What else could he be? It all revolves around Darwinism. Once Darwinism is eliminated, communism will evaporate. It is my intellectual annihilation of Darwinism that lies behind their severe attacks on me. They attack worldwide.

One of the observances of the religion of Marxism is the application of violence. We pray, and the way they pray is by killing other people and bombing them. That is their belief. It is a pagan belief. There needs to be counter-education against it, with love, science, art and reason.

A9 TV, 3 August 2011

There is a solution: Anti-materialist and anti-communist intellectual activity. That will sever the communists’ jugular. What is the solution to ideology? Elimination of the ideology. The only solution is erasing that belief. You need scientific activity for that. That will resolve it at the root. It will resolve it very quickly.

Violence is the only path in communism. There is a conflict of opposites. “There is conflict in the world. We live with that, and the strong survive,” they say. Lenin says that Leninism has to have a violent component.

There is no peace under communism or fascism. For example, when there is a fascist administration, they are joking if they say they came to bring peace. Fascism sheds blood. It is aggressive and constantly seeks conflict. The same with communism. There is no peace under communism, only conflict. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Constant upheaval. Everything is in conflict, matter and society and life. They believe everywhere is full of conflict. And they therefore believe that war and upheaval and revolution are inevitable. That is their idea of revolution. But communism ends when bloodshed ends. But communism persists when bloodshed persists. The dictatorship of the proletariat is founded on bloodshed. Look, they say that themselves, “A great red Sun will rise over the horizon of this sea of blood.” They cannot make it any clearer than that. “A great red Sun will rise over the horizon of this sea of blood.” A communist Sun. Communism will be born, it says. They say they will shed whole rivers of blood. What more need they say? It is in their slogans and all their writings and everywhere. Two steps forward, one step back for progress. That is how communists work. But that is out of the question. They need time. They need to make progress. That is the issue. They imagine that when they establish an independent state, may Allah forbid, they will be equipped with heavy weapons, weapons made in China, and that they will then take over the remaining regions and impose the dictatorship of the proletariat of the world. Those who talk about peace are either ignorant of communism or else are using that tactic to deceive people. There is no peace under communism.

Let us hear them say what I have been saying for years about communist thinking. They have never spoken the word communism. I am amazed by that. Is there not a communist, Stalinist uprising there? Yes, there is. So we need anticommunist activities. Talk about that, too. You can see the problem cannot be resolved by arms alone. I mean, you have an ideology on one side but none on the other. There is a belief on one side but none on the other. That is unacceptable. An opposed belief needs to be developed. If there is a communist belief, then we need an anticommunist belief. If there is an evolutionary belief, then we need a Creationist one. We must always have an antithesis, a counter-belief. Then that counter-belief can easily make progress. Bediüzzaman also says: “the more indoctrination and conditioning and propaganda grow, the more materialism grows.” And that is indeed so. It progresses step by step. Some of our brothers and I are engaged in counter-activity. But it is not enough. The State needs to do it. It needs to be wide-ranging. And the first thing is for the State to admit there is a communist uprising going on. Then it has to express the need for scientific, anticommunist activity. For example, they say, “psychological solutions are also essential.”  They should say what the psychological solutions are. What is the psychological solution? Are we going to take those people off to kindergarten? Are we going to indoctrinate them with doctors? Are we expected to take them all off to the psychiatrist? The psychological solution is anticommunist activity. Anti-Darwinist and anticommunist activity. They really must say that out loud.

They come forward with an ideology and guns. You have no ideology or ideas and so cannot counter-attack them. You don’t say you are anti-Darwinist or anti-communist, you don’t tell. Can you develop any critique against Stalinism or Leninism? You can’t. You say nothing. And when you are silent their ideology grows ever stronger. The other side regard you as ignorant. As pacifists, as reactionaries. In other words, the communists will not listen to you. Communism has just 5% or 10% mass support for ruling, meaning there is no need for everyone to be communist; 10% is more than enough to turn a country communist. That applies to many countries. Ten percent is a crushing majority for them. Lenin says this too. There are statements about that by Lenin and Stalin. Ten percent who fully understand the concept is quite enough. The strong must fight the weak. They say there is a conflict of opposites. They say they represent the oppressed, the working class. And that the other are exploiting them. They say there is a huge conflict between them. They say there is a conflict going on. They say that history shows they will inevitably emerge victorious. That is an ideology, a faith, a religion. That is a belief. It is a satanic ideology, the result of taking a belief from the Torah and the Injil and turned it into a dajjal-type belief. And that idea will win if no counter-idea is produced. That applies everywhere. That activity must go on and must be called anti-communist, anti-Marxist and anti-Leninist and anti-Darwinist activity.

Lenin says this in daily Pravda on 29 October, 1918, “Some people say that our cruelty is a disgrace” and complain how we are killing people, and murdering troops and setting bombs and carrying out robberies, but these are revolutionary activities. “When some people say that our cruelty is a disgrace, we are amazed at the way they forget the most basic Marxist principles.” How can you forget them? He asks in amazement. Then Lenin says: “Social democrats proudly say they are not anarchists, thief or burglars, they say they are above this. They reject guerrilla warfare. When I see them say that I ask myself whether these people realize what they are saying.” He says they are asleep. “There are armed conflict and clashes between the dark faces and the government and the people all over the country.” Terror. “The present state of affairs is an inevitable one in the course of the revolution.” He says they have no alternative but to do what they do. The other day, a municipal mayor told Abdullah Ocalan “we are going to abandon the armed struggle.” Abdullah Ocalan said “are you mad?” He said they had come so far with their guns. By shedding blood and terror. And he said that is how they were able to enforce their will. That is why we will never abandon our guns, as that would mean losing all our strength, he says. We will continue down that line, he says. He also says he want to be released and live in a place like a villa somewhere and enjoy fresh air. Then, he says, conditions will improve. He says he will manage affairs better and things can then be resolved. He is self-obsessed. Those people have no need of him.

They talk about peace and brotherhood while they are unaware of this fact. Ask them what their ideology that espouses peace and brotherhood is, and they say they have none. They say that flowers open up and butterflies emerge in spring and doves fly about and that is enough. They say it is enough for people to eat their mothers’ soup. They say time will bring prosperity. And thus you are defeated. You have to give a true and scientific response if they produce a false, unscientific claim. If you cannot do that, you will go down to defeat.

The aim in communism is not to make one specific region communist, but to make the whole world communist. Religion, the State and the family are concepts that oppose communism. Eradicating religion and family and building a dictatorship of the proletariat is every communist’s aim. These are things at the first stage of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

What does Karl Marx say? "It is a culture set up by the ruling class in order to drug the poor sections of the people." That is his view of religion. That is all he can think of. What else does he say? “Religion is the opium of the people.” Narrow views. So the struggle against religion is of vital importance in communism. “Atheism is an inseparable part of Marxism” Lenin says.

If religion goes, so do the State and the family. These people are in any case opposed to the State, to religion, the family and moral values. That is the system they are trying to implement in southeast Turkey now. But we are fighting that, waging an intellectual struggle. Military campaigns or police operations produce no results. Lukewarm policies produce no results. They say that if you treat them nicely they will come round to your way of thinking. That is totally wrong. They imagine they can come to an agreement by making concessions. If a monster sinks one fang into you, and then a second and a third, eventually it will swallow you up entirely. Then it will digest you and finally expel you. That is the communist way. That is why people who keep making concession must stop doing so.Nobody should be fooled by that. One can only get results from a scientific and intellectual struggle. An anti-Darwinist, anticommunist struggle.Through love and affection. Lack of love and affection just encourages communism. You cannot stop communism with totalitarian language, fanatical and aggressive policies or swearing at people. Communism and irreligion can only be stopped through anticommunist activities, respect for people and living by the moral values of Islam. That is the soundest method. There is no other way.

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