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A9 TV, 12 September 2012

(The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, announced that they have taken the first step toward abolishing the visa requirement for the citizens of the Turkish Republic.)

Ilham Aliyev is a brave man. We call on the Azerbaijani youth to support the government. That means we have something that we know. He is a very reasonable person. He takes precautions against bigots, and what else should he do? They want to subvert the state. These people do not have tolerance for a lady who doesn't cover her hair. They do not have tolerance for a lady who wears décolleté. And he is defending his state, he is defending his people. 


Our Azeri brothers must show they support they state. They must show they are acting with the state to install union and unity there. Ilham Aliyev is a human being. He may have defects and make mistakes, but he is doing his best. They must say, "we will be two states, one nation. We want no Shiite-Sunni divisions, we support the integrity of the state.” Azerbaijan cannot survive without religion, it will fall apart. It cannot survive without Islam. Religion is the essential mortar of Azerbaijan, as it is in Turkey. Bigotry will destroy Azerbaijan. But the kind of Islamic conception I describe will keep it alive. Azerbaijan spent years under communist oppression. Then they asked the Azeris if they preferred religion or communism, and they chose religion. The Azerbaijan government is opposed to bigotry. Books other than mine are banned. I do not want bigotry in Azerbaijan, either.

A9 TV, 05 March 2011

The opposition in Azerbaijan can use their democratic rights and express their demands, but Azerbaijan is very dear to us. We do not want disorder there. They are the pioneers of Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah.

2012-10-31 11:17:52

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