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A9 TV; 21 October 2011

Allah describes the quality, beauty, delight in artistry and depth in paradise and also revealed it in this world through the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). And through the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to grow roses. My beloved prophet. My beloved ancestor. He grew roses for a living in his youth, in his garden. He would then sell them. He also used to smell of roses all the time. He loved roses very much, masha’Allah, and the smell of roses. He smelled delightful. His teeth were pearly white. His hair was groomed. His two braids were long. His eyes were black, with huge irises. His eyes most perfectly expressed his depth and passion. Look how women fell in love with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with the love of Allah... The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was in love with his women. And his women with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). And what a love! They were literally hypnotized by the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) when they saw him. He was broad-shoulders, with back eyes and hair. He smelled lovely and wore bright, white clothes. Sometimes he dressed in black. Our Prophet (pbuh) was of medium stature, and a wrestler. He had a lovely voice, like that of David. His speech was perfect. He was a delightful person, a perfect human being. The bigots went crazy when they saw such a high-quality person. Those curs of the time uttered terrible slanders against our mothers. Against our mother Ayesha (pbuh). They uttered terrible slanders against the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). But they got absolutely nowhere. Allah bestowed many blessings on the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). He lived and died heroically. May Allah have mercy on my lustrous forebear, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). Insha’Allah.

A9 TV;October 7th, 2011

You've been saying that music is forbidden, painting is forbidden, science is forbidden. And then you turn those wretched people into  small fry and have many people oppressed. You've been saying "Beware!" about philosophy. Science? "There is no need for science anyway." Art: "Beware!" So what are we to do? Well; "With just enough to keep body and soul together, live in horrible places in sub-ground dwellings. This world is your living Hell. You will be comfortable in the Heaven." For a Muslim both this world and the Hereafter will be Heaven. Why should this world be a living Hell for a Muslim?  And they are still  urging the system that they have been defeated in. You've been defeated with that, you have been oppressed, you've been miserable. You are constantly being humiliated, you are constantly being degraded. You've come to a state that you are no longer able to stand on your feet. And you still are advocating the polytheistic system. They have to leave that. The only solution is to adopt an attitude based on the Qur'an, insha'Allah. 

A9 TV; October 25th, 2011

Ladies look very beautiful, very well groomed and very nice when they put on make-up. They become sweeter. When women do not put on make-up, they generally look more masculine and not that beautiful. With make-up, a woman takes on the feature of being a woman. She gains a feminine beauty. Why does Allah color flowers? One might say, "Let all the flowers be black", may Allah forbid. A daisy for instance is yellow in the middle, with white petals, and they appear very beautiful in front of our eyes. Allah is the One Who colors them as well. Allah is the One Who puts that make-up on flowers as well. With the make-up they look similar to their appearance in Heaven. Or else when a woman is not well-groomed what would happen? We see poorly groomed people outside, what happens to them? What is the meaning of this? That causes a very coarse appearance. Poorly groomed clothing, poorly groomed faces, pouting, yellow faces, ragged hair, all mixed up, all down at the heels. This does not suit us. A Turkish youngster should be handsome, classy and should be razor sharp. They should dress well. The ladies should be like flowers. They should be very well groomed and very beautiful. One might say, "When they are well groomed, they will be attractive, and such and such will happen if they are attractive." Well, if it comes to that, women in chadors can also be extraordinarily attractive. That is all up to one's intentions. What does it have to do with it? If one looks at things with love, he sees with love. If he wants, he can also look with sexual desire as well. That is something up to our intention, up to our will. It is something up to our minds. Now one should approach the matter with that mindset. I mean a Muslim woman should have a very classy very decent appearance. I sometimes see some of our sisters with their eyebrows all mixed up, with moustaches, I mean like the ones we see on twelve or fourteen year old young boys. They have such moustaches. And they walk around like that proudly. What is that? Isn't it a pity for that girl? They say, "The Messenger of Allah prohibited that." Would the Messenger of Allah (saas) ever say something like that? Why do you make the Messenger of Allah (saas) a partner in your lie? Would our Prophet (saas) ever tell them to wander around poorly groomed and dirty? That is dirt, would that befit a Muslim? A Muslim should be decent, quality and classy. She should set an example for Europe and for the United States as well. She should set an example for everyone. Everyone should envy her. She should be classy, insha'Allah. But for instance there are some women who are very beautiful even without make-up? What should she do? Would that be like make up as well? For instance, some women have eyes with eyeliner from birth. And the other ones would be putting on eyeliner for make-up. What is the difference? They are the same as you see. Those ones would be compensating for her weakness, her deficiency artificially. That would have the same logic with the other. For instance, there are some women whose lips are pale and some have full lips and their lips look very beautiful. And they are naturally like that. The others are making the balance with that make up and thus are saved from that repugnant, ugly appearance. That would relieve their minds. That would reassure their confidence. A timid, ragged clothed woman would psychologically collapse. She would be very negatively affected. She cannot be cheerful and happy outside. She would be very uncomfortable. It is one thing for a woman to adorn herself for her lawful one; in that a woman would activate the feeling of lust. Would that woman be activating the feeling of lust when she is outside? Being cute and clean, for instance a child is very cute and very sweet. Flowers are very cute and very sweet. Animals are very cute and very sweet. So should women be, they should be well groomed and clean, insha'Allah. They try to depict Muslims poorly groomed, dirty and ragged. For instance I ask them "Why do you not use deodorant?" And she says, "There is such and such in it." Well you are stinking, have fear of Allah! And she is not even ashamed. She goes and sits in between people. I really am astonished at that. She talks for instance and her mouth stinks, her breath stinks and so does her body. That is horrible. A Muslim's breath should smell fresh. Her body should smell clean. She should be spotlessly clean. Right? Spotlessly clean. A Muslim is a blessed and clean being. She needs to be clean and spotless. Allah says ; "the idolaters are unclean". And you get yourself unclean, and by that you would be showing the characteristic of an idolater. A Muslim should be spotlessly clean, insha'Allah. Pale, exhausted, ragged, worn out appearance. "That is like his, this is like that," how can this be? Then such women would lose their self-confidence. And the people around them would be very much uncomfortable by that. They should be well-groomed, clean, have quality and classy, insha'Allah.

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