The Secret Beyond Matter

“PKK is going on martyring our soldiers and police officers. How could it be possible to talk about ISIS and plead ignorance against the PKK despite all these?”

The PKK is the greatest danger. How is this explainable? They have very recently martyred three of our lions. What kind of people are those (who plead ignorance against the PKK)? I fail to understand. They have very recently martyred three of our brave lions. But these people still don’t seem to mind. They keep talking about ISIS. We have no problem with ISIS. All we care about is the PKK and that is it. We have no ISIS problem. Let them come to me when we actually face such a problem. That could never be the issue.

They [the PKK] have very recently martyred three of our lions. Well done to our beloved brave martyrs, may God grant their rank to us too. I congratulate their parents as well. May God give long lives to their families. Asking to become brothers with them in the Heaven, I am sending them my congratulations as well. I am congratulating them time and time again. I admire them, well done to them. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)


2014-11-23 17:21:57

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