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“Let us establish an international coalition and conduct activities to wipe out the PKK”

Let us first take precautions against the PKK and then concentrate on ISIS. The PKK has martyred thousands of our soldiers and police officers. Now are we supposed to consider these treacherous ones as non-existent? ISIS has not yet martyred a single soldier or police officer of ours. We have no business with the ISIS, our enemy is the PKK and it is the organization that conducts enormous activities and that constantly threatens the Turkish state. Let us mobilize all international forces; let us establish an international coalition to conduct an intense campaign of activities to wipe out the PKK. 

Let us firstly channel the international force that has been prepared for ISIS to fight the PKK. Let us stop all the locations of reinforcement and blockade all bastions of the PKK; if need be, an economic blockade could be widened in all respects. I am not advocating bloodshed, I am not asking for violence but an international coalition could easily bring the PKK to its knees. With a powerful military blockade the PKK could be completely  paralyzed. 

Before paralyzing the PKK, if they keep saying, “Let the PKK remain untouched and wipe out ISIS,” that means there is a plot  against the Turkish nation. 

Why should the PKK remain untouched? I mean if anything, the PKK should also be wiped out along with ISIS. If they say that the PKK should remain untouched, there is something wrong in this. 

Our opponent is not  ISIS but the PKK. We can easily defeat ISIS intellectually; after all, this is an organization that assumes an attitude against the PKK as well. The Turkish state will first concentrate in putting an end to the PKK; the international coalition should first put an end to the PKK and then aim at ISIS. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)


2014-11-23 02:39:15

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