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“Their chaining of Abdul Qadeer Molla before his execution elevated his rank in the Hereafter”

The latest pictures of Abdul Qadeer Molla, the General Secretary of Jamaat-i-Islami in Bangladesh, were published on Twitter. In these pictures it is seen that Abdul Qadeer Molla was chained from his hands and feet with thick chains and was made to lie face down before he was martyred”

Adnan Oktar: “If Muslims do not approach to the Islamic Union, if they do not accept  unity, they will martyr Muslims like this one by one, may God forbid. 

They have done this before his execution, is that so? May God forbid, that is the signature of their cruelty, their remorselessness and it is their signature of their hatred towards Muslims. 

He might have been an ignorant person, he might have lacked knowledge, but nevertheless he is still a Muslim. However his being martyred with such  inconceivable cruelty should not make those responsible happy. Because of these ordeals and the pain he suffered, he has been granted the rank of martyrdom and his rank will thus be elevated. 

However the status of those who martyred him will be even deepened in  hell. They will suffer for all eternity in the Ghayi valley of hell. While he will be living an endless life of pleasure in  Heaven, they will suffer in the Ghayi valley of hell for all eternity. They didn’t think of that pain they will be facing. 

Actually while he was martyred, he didn’t even feel the pain of it, he only passed by with a transient ordeal. That blessed person has most probably invoked the Name of God and then Almighty God has taken him to the Heaven, to the post of martyrdom. 

Now we will altogether see the situation of those people who martyred him will be in the Hereafter. We will see what will become of them. And insha’Allah, we will see that persecuted, martyred brother of ours’ post in the Heaven. 

That person might have been an ignorant person; he might have lacked the necessary knowledge and might have had radical tendencies. But all those stemmed from his ignorance. What is important is to know if he had good intentions or not, if he is sincere or not, we are to look into this. If he lacked the necessary information, that is also under your responsibility. You should have educated him; you should have informed him of the truth. Right? You have already given him a punishment. What did you say? Life imprisonment. Alright, he might have corrected himself if he had a flaw, if he made a mistake. But martyring him tragically with torture is a great persecution. His being martyred like this will drag those who did this into an eternal regret in the Hereafter. (Adnan Oktar; December 20th, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-12-26 21:13:28

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