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Neither in the Islamic world, nor in Egypt, can any solution be attained through politics; it can only be attained through the establishment of the Unity of Islam

As of this morning [August 14th,2013] ,  security forces started an intervention against the anti-coup demonstrators in the Rabiatul Adawiya Square in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The security forces entered the square from the avenues to the south with armed vehicles and heavy  machines and started to shoot live ammunition directly to kill the demonstrators. 

All through the day, the attacks against the supporters of Morsi continued for hours. According to  Ikhwan sources, and now confirmed by major international news organizations, it is been said that about 500 people have been martyred and about 9,000 have been injured. Finally, Islam Tevfik, the President of the Muslim Brotherhood Youth Branches said; "We have 200 martyrs and over 10 thousand injured."

"Neither in the Islamic world, nor in Egypt,  can any solution be attained through politics; it can only be attained through the establishment of the Unity of Islam"

ADNAN OKTAR: The number of casualties might be 5,000 , it might be 500,000 , may God forbid. Anything can happen there, other things might happen as well, they can hang people, chop up people. They are pouring fuel on these people while they are inside their tents and burning them out. There is a deep state branch of the army there, those men they call "Baltagiya". They are hiring those people for money and having them assassinate people, having them burn people, having them scare them off. There will be no end to this and similar ignominies in Egypt; these will happen and they will continue to happen. 

Yet they do not say a single word about the Unity of Islam, about the Union of Muslims. Ikhwan only says "Ikhwan" and says; "Our party should win." So does the opposing party, they also say; "Our party should win."

Actually they should base themselves on the whole Islamic world, on embracing all Egyptians. Why do you not love everyone? There are Christians there, embrace them. However, some of them see Jews as if they are devils. They should be striving to make the Christians, Jews become even more devout, they should be striving to make them love God even more; they should make it easy for them. 

Christians, Copts: What difference does it make my brother? They are all very dear, they are all sweeter than the other. Embrace your army, embrace Christians, embrace Jews. 

These things wouldn't be solved with politics. Badiuzzaman explains this at length. He says; "I seek refuge from the satan and politics." Islam would not prevail with politics, but with love, brotherhood and with the system of the Mahdi. Embracing all Muslims is the basis. 

When you engage in politics what would you be doing? You would be saying; "Let my party win and I don't care about the rest." Actually when your party wins, it should also be the victory of all the other parties. That is how it should be in Islam.

It is only acceptable if your party's victory means the victory of the party of the whole nation. That means atheists' coming to power as well, it means communists' coming to power,  it means Christians and Jews coming to power; it means every one of them came to power.  The politicians are actually responsible for protecting and watching over everyone's interests, comfort, peace, beauty and goodness. If that is not what they do, if all they say is ,"Let my party be superior and let others fail" that wouldn't do. 

"The massacre in Egypt is the doing of lovelessness and of the army that is brought up as Darwinists and materialists.”

The massacre in Egypt is the doing of the army brought up as Darwinists and materialists. The army has been brought up to be godless, -may God forbid- Bookless; they have been brought up to be Darwinists and materialists. The army has a communist mindset. There are many communists among them. That is the same in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria as well, that is the same in Libya, and in the Iraqi army as well. That is the scourge they all have.

There is Islam in Egypt but there is also lovelessness. Because of that lovelessness, they fail to come up with a solution. That is because rage has won over. Well, my brother go and hug the soldiers, embrace them and say; "Well brother, we are brothers, we will do whatever you like, let us sit and talk." But because of the dominance of rage, pride and lovelessness, they have all been locked out. Soldiers feel that hatred as well. Soldiers are given that hatred. The Darwinist education ruined Egypt. Some people used to say; "What bad could happen because of Darwinism?" Here you are, look and see what happens. They are unable to pull themselves out of it now.

Apart from Turkey, the army looks down on people in the Middle Eastern countries; that is the case in the majority of them. This is the case in Jordan and in all other countries. That is why they find it reasonable to kill and humiliate them. In European countries, in Switzerland, in Ireland and so, if something like that has ever happened, they would move  heaven and earth. Something like this is unimaginable for them: They would instantly overthrow the government and seize power. But here they do not value each other; that is the case in many of the countries. 

They fail to see that Muslims are valuable, that all the servants created by God are valuable. They have taught hatred to people. That is the situation in Egypt. As a Wisdom of God, lovelessness inflicted a deep wound in their hearts. 

"The Egyptian Army has submitted to satan; they all see red."

The great majority of the Middle Eastern armies have been organized against their own people; they are not organized against the enemy, against foreign countries. Do you know what would the people be saying to the army with the money they give them? They are saying; "Here you are, I give you money, use this money to cut me up and hang me. I am giving you bullets, see, I am giving you guns, shoot me with those!" That is what they are actually saying.

Consequently what does "military power" mean? It means establishing a force against the public with the money people give, with the taxes people pay.

Except for Turkey, this is the situation in the majority of the Middle Eastern countries. All military force is against the people and Muslims; they are all for making havoc against Muslims. None of them are for fighting their enemies.

Look at the history of the Islamic world, look at the Islamic countries, look at the last century of the Islamic world, you'll see that this is the case everywhere except for Turkey; they are all for raising havoc against their own people. The army is never organized against a hostile army. That is the case for the Egyptian Army. 

Actually the Egyptian Army is very cowardly. They were very afraid of a handful of Israeli army. Israel challenges them and the army wouldn't know where to escape, they go and hide under the table. Iran is acting as a bully like this as well but they fear  Israel a lot. That is the same for Syria; they are scared to death of Israel. But they are very fierce against their own people; they throw their weight about when they face their own people as you see. They are able to kill five or ten million people very easily, that is the extent of their ravenousness. There is such a merciless, sadistic and ravenous structure. That is what we see in Egypt at this moment.

They are bullies against their own people, there is such a devilish mechanism that annihilates their own people with the money those people give. The Egyptian Army has submitted to the satan and now they all see red. They can chop up children, they can chop up women as well.

This is all a rehearsal, these are all walk-through rehearsals. The Egyptian army is getting ready for a big massacre. I mean they are getting ready to massacre tens of thousands, may be hundreds of thousands of people. That is why politics is not the way to stop all these; the system of the Mahdi, the Unity of Islam is the way to put an end to this. 

"Let there be a burst of love in Egypt. Let Egypt become the center of love."

Let there be a burst of love in Egypt, let there be an explosion of love. Let Egypt become the center of love. This cannot happen with a spirit of opposition. This cannot happen in this tension. May God forbid, there will be a bloodbath with this mentality.

They should most definitely be talking about the Unity of Islam and determinedly espouse the Union of Muslims. The main characteristic of the Union of Muslims is treating atheists, communists and especially Christians and Jews compassionately. If there are assassins among them that is another issue; they will pay for what they do in front of law and justice; that is a whole other issue. But the innocent people, innocent Christians, devout Jews should be separated. (August 14th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9TV) 


#MısırdaKatliamaSon    #Müslümanlarkardeştir    #TyrantEgyptianArmyStartsKillingAgain   #muslimsarebrothers

Look, these hashtags we have started on Twitter are all for saving them, for making their voices heard. Our hashtag #MısırdaKatliamaSon (StopMassacreinEgypt) became the first in the worldwide lists. Whenever we start such an activity they all become the first. Last night our hashtag #MüslümanlarKardeştir (MuslimsAreBrothers) became the first in the Turkey list. I ask for such a cultural activity from our brothers, from people who love us, and they instantly make those hashtags become the first in the worldwide lists. There are people who love us all around the world, may God be pleased with them all. (August 14th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)




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