The Secret Beyond Matter

“The events in America are the result of a Darwinist mindset that regards black people as a primitive race”

Protests have taken place in America after the suspect in the killing of a 17-year-old colored boy was released by the police. Obama has called for calm, recalling that America is a state of law.”

ADNAN OKTAR: Calm is good, but people are loveless. You provide Darwinist, materialist education, Mr. Obama! Darwin’s theory regards black people as a backward race, a primitive race. As something between humans and animals; Darwin explicitly says so. You also educate people in that and tell them of it day and night. Then this is how people end up behaving.

Had that man been white, it would all have been very different. Had it been Obama's child, it would all have been very different, or had it been the child of a U.S. senator, it would all have been very different. Something is wrong here.

A lady of Congolese origin in Italy is compared to an orangutan. Why? That person was speaking in the light of Darwin’s theory. He regards her as half human, half animal.

Yet she is a servant of Allah, descended from the Prophet Adam (pbuh), our sister. Our true blood sister. People fail to realize what they are saying. Darwinism and materialism have produced a loveless and ruthless spirit, they have shattered people’s hearts. This is just what they say; there is much more of it in their hearts, by the law of Allah. ( July 16th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-07-22 04:55:21

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