The Secret Beyond Matter

“The racist attack on a minister of Congolese origins in Italy shows how barbaric Darwinism makes people”

“A black woman of Congolese origins now serving as the minister for integration in Italy has been subject to racist attacks by various politicians. One party member said, “Even though I love animals, when I see this woman I cannot prevent myself thinking  of an orangutan. She is a good minister, but she should be doing that in her own country, not here.”

ADNAN OKTAR: She is really nice! Really great. She dresses very well. She is lovely. This is a disgrace; she is a lovely, sweet woman. They are completely out of order.

We are all the children of Hazrat Adam (pbuh) and Hazrat Eve (pbuh). We are all brothers and sisters. Look, we all carry those genes. They can be seen in the form of moles. They are genes inherited from Hazrat Adam (pbuh) and Hazrat Eve (pbuh). We all have the blood of black people as well. The black genetic code is in all of us. And they have the white genetic code. It exists in all of us.

People have behaved disgracefully there. He does not even apologize. The Darwinist and materialist mindset is making people increasingly inhuman and barbaric.

Darwinist/materialist education is widespread in Italy, too. People are worried about going to Italy. Lovelessness prevails, and their light has faded. People used to be luminous in Italy. But there are no more attractive people left. Very few; they are very rare. Of course there are good people, fine people, but most are impaired. Darwinism and materialism have ruined them. ( July 15th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-07-22 04:47:11

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