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We would like both Egypt and China to be in peace

Oktar Babuna: Have a very nice day dear viewers. We have very important guests today. Dr. AbdulMawgoud R. Dardery, Former Foreign Relations Committee Spokesperson of the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, and Wang Xiaoning and Cheng Weihua from the Chinese Embassy.

Adnan Oktar: There are very important topics for all, Egypt is very important, and China is very important, too. We would like our relations with China to be very good. Chinese people have an important aspect; they are people with smiling faces, who are amiable. That is why we love them more for this attribute. By the will of God, we would like our Turkish brothers and Chinese brothers to live in peace and blessings there.

Yet, the happenings in Egypt disturb us to a great extent. We are concerned. We would like both parties to be in tranquility in Egypt. We want them to live in peace and brotherhood. We are against military coups and we are against any military coup even if they were to name it otherwise. In any case we stand up for democracy, under any circumstances, democracy. Our Master is after all our brother, but our Ambassador is our new guest. Let us start with our Ambassador, as our Master will make allowance, by the will of God.

Adnan Oktar: We trust in the State of China, we have strong trust in you but we receive some news regarding East Turkestan. We are very much aggrieved of these therefore we would be pleased extensively. For instance, we have recently been informed that on June 18, an 8 year-old Muslim girl from East Turkestan was raped by the Chinese police and then strangled and murdered, and her body was cut into parts and left on the street. Moreover, it is said that this policeman was not arrested and is still going on in his post. I am sure you will be the one to respond to this in the most explanatory way. Could you enlighten us on this matter?

Wang Xiaoning: First of all, respectable Master, I would like to thank you very much. We are very happy to participate on this program on A9 channel and we are pleased to meet these valuable guests here. Respectable Master and Respectable presenting gentleman, we would like to thank you once again for your nice words for the Chinese people.

We've been receiving some information in between China and Turkey especially about Sincan. Since we have no direct communication channels, only second hand information comes to Turkey. Many of these reports come from the Western media.  Consequently, as the Chinese Embassy to Turkey, one of our important tasks is to establish connections between Turkey and China through formal and informal contacts with formal and informal institutions and to concentrate on such issues. Therefore, I hereby would like to thank you very much for giving us this opportunity.  I do not have direct information about this case, this specific incident you've just mentioned.

I am not directly informed about this specific case but based on our experience as a Chinese citizen; I should state that China is a constitutional state. Police force is a very important part of executing the laws of this constitutional state.  If a person is committing a crime against laws in Sincan or in any other part of China, if a police officer is committing a crime against laws and is still free, that would not be logical in my opinion.

I have a friend who is a Chinese police officer. Chinese police are able to go out armed. However, if they use their guns, if they shoot a bullet to defend themselves or for any other reason, he should go and report it to his supervisor after this incident and explain the incidents that led to his shooting. I mean in this respect police officers are under strict supervision. I am very sorry, as I have spoken quite a lot about this specific case. What I want to say is; In China no one is above the law, especially if that person is the one executing the law. 

Adnan Oktar: So you say that the legal system, that laws govern China and that democracy is essential for China. But our Ambassador said in the beginning of his statement that he doesn't have detailed information about this issue. I hope that he will give us detailed information about this later on. I hope that he will look into this case in more detail. Then we would be able to have a full grasp on the details of this issue but I am very sure about the good intentions of our Ambassador and I am also sure about your good intentions. 

Now let us talk to our Master Dardery. What are those happenings in Egypt, what are we going to do? What is going to happen? There is a course of events towards goodness; but it is very important for us to have your opinions heard by our brothers and sisters. 

Dr. Dardery: First of all, thank you for inviting me here. I thank the Turkish people and the Prime Minister very much for the support they have given. I’m also very pleased that the Chinese Consul representative gentleman is here as well. I hope that they take an interest in the problems in Egypt. It has not been possible to elect a President in Egypt for thousands of years; this is the first time something like this happened. When the English came they didn't give freedom to Egypt. There was a military regime. In 1950, the military took over via a coup. For the last two or three times there was a President appointed by the coup regime. There was Dictator Mubarak most recently. There was Hosni Mubarak. And he ruled the country with a dictatorship right until now. Until today there has been six elections. After democracy came this was the most peaceful revolution. The Freedom and Justice Party was in power with an overwhelming majority of 60 percent. However, certain powers wanted a dictatorship. They stepped in and there was a bloody coup. This is disrespect towards the people of Egypt. It is disrespect to their democracy. The people of Egypt want to elect their own President. However, now they are under occupation.

Adnan Oktar: Generally there will be goodness in the world but friendship and brotherhood is very important. For example; China: We've loved China since the most ancient times. Chinese are peaceful and joyful people who enjoy the arts. They are  a people that makes great contributions to science. The first scientific discoveries, historical discoveries from paper to missiles are all from China. They are truly happy and loving people. We want China to be well. We want our brothers to live happily and in joy embracing one another. They are entrusted to them. We hope that they will live happily there. But of course we want everything to be clarified and that atmosphere of friendship to be settled. Otherwise we are sure about China’s good intentions. We don't expect racial discrimination from China. There are people from every religion; Budhists, Christians and Muslims living in China and there are irreligious people as well. We believe that they are of similar distance to every fraction. But such news reaches us all the time. There is much but if we ask about all of them now the ambassador would be very tired. It’s best that I ask them in written form. So if the Embassy could give answers in short written format, we can read them together with His honor the Ambassador shortly to our people. We can clarify everything. Let’s accept this as a visit. The next time we shall prepare these one by one in very short format.

Therefore we don't want to hear news about these painful events anymore. Let’s make this part of history and lock the door. Turkey and China must cooperate. The Islamic world considers China a friend; not just Turkey. The whole Islamic world thinks like this. China is a country which we think to be always on the right and good side. It is a country that has always been on the right side.  China would never be on the side of evil and cruelty: We think like this. Therefore, let’s strengthen this so that a better image of China can come out. For example, she could support Egypt in this difficult situation and cooperate with Turkey. Let’s strengthen this brotherhood even more and eradicate all pain in the world. When we look at history, China has always been a country known for her kindness. They are all smiling in the paintings. Houses are really beautiful. Their manners are very nice. China is not an aggressive country. It is a people of great history. We believe that China is very just, fair and loving. Let’s make the world know a better China so that everyone can love the Chinese people and China can love everyone. And China shall show that she is with the good and righteous.

This is because China is a great power. So in the case of supporting China, China would grow even stronger. For example, Turkey shall support China as well. She shall support her economy and her good and right aspects. Let’s make her cooperation with Turkey even stronger but especially the connection of China with Islamic countries. This is because since our childhood we would feel some  fear every time China was mentioned, but this is fading away now. It was because people didn't know China well. People would love them more as they get to know them. They would be more comfortable as they are known more. Let’s scatter that darkness originating from ignorance and not knowing.

There are almost 20 points; let’s present them to our esteemed Ambassador. The Ambassador would also have something to say. Then let’s finish.

Wang Xiaoning: I thank everyone very much. I’m very pleased about coming together. We are especially very pleased to hear about your good intentions and friendship for China. And in addition we rejoice about your positive expectations about China.

China’s culture, way of life and thoughts could be very different in comparison to Muslim countries, but we want to be friends with everyone and live in peace and tolerance towards one another. We hope that it will be so.

Adnan Oktar: Very good. Masha’Allah. Masha’Allah. May Allah grant blessings and prosperity. There could be different cultures and different religions, but Allah created this world for us to live a peaceful and good life. Insha’Allah, everything will be very nice. You see good intentions and love here and insha’Allah, this beauty and goodness will spread all over the world and surround the world, insha’Allah. ( July 11th, 2013: A9 TV)

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