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Adnan Oktar: "It would be Very Nice attaching Importance to A Modern Understanding of the Arts."

Adnan Oktar asked the state authorities to attach greater importance to modern arts as well as traditional arts and thus present a more modern image.

Adnan Oktar, who made statements on A9 TV, Channel spoke of the importance that should be given to the arts. Adnan Oktar said, “It should be  accentuated that an anti-arts mindset does not exist. It would be very nice to attach importance to modern science apart from our traditional arts.


 "A style that is against the arts and chokes the sense of joy and happiness is not acceptable for our country or any  other Islamic countries. I especially ask the authorities of the state to place emphasis on modern arts. This would be good, both from the perspective of Europe and America. God has sent us as a leader to the entire world. As a leader of the world we need to give  much importance to the arts and modernity.

I ask my government not to assume the Middle Eastern style of arts, not to adopt the Middle Eastern understanding. When we speak of the arts,  Hajiwat and other traditional arts or Mawlawi presentations should not be the only form of arts that come to  mind; modern classical arts must also be present. I think that placing importance on modern arts will benefit both our country and our government."

2013-07-10 21:08:27

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