The Secret Beyond Matter

All the happenings occurring in Egypt are predestined. Just as how it is God Who creates disorder, it is also He Who will put things right.

We are in the End Times. Almighty God shows us  history just as  He predestined it. One assumes that Morsi’s ouster came out of nowhere. The fact is however, Morsi was ousted before he was even born from his mother. They say, “[General] Sisi has assumed  power.” He assumed that power before he was even born from his mother. They say, “El-Baradai is taken from his position as a prime minister.” He was taken from that position before he was even born. Destiny never changes.

For instance, in Egypt there are those bandits [calling themselves Axmen]. They are also created as thugs in their destinies. Otherwise, a person can not find the might to go and chop up people with axes; he can not do it even if he wills it. His will and wisdom would not allow it. No one would dare to do it in all conscience. They are all specially created. How many people will gather, how  they will chant, who will speak, all the incidents that a person will face, they are all predestined down to their tiniest details.

For instance, aerial photography shows crowds of people. Those squares are prepared by God previously. Some of them gather in one square, whereas others are at another. Why does God divide them into two? To put them on trial. Otherwise, Almighty God would grant the spirit of the ikhwan to all of Egypt; they would all become Ikhwan. If there are thirty million Ikhwan, and if they have thirty million followers, then the issue would be settled. But God does not create it in that way. He makes some people think otherwise: They become opponents. Sometimes He makes them love one another; sometimes He creates them as foes. In one verse of the Qur'an God says, “You were foes previously.” “It is God Who unified their hearts”. They don’t compromise when they are enemies. God says to our Prophet (saas), “ Even if you had spent everything on the Earth, you could not have unified their hearts.” No matter how much one spends or gives away fortunes, they can not make them reconcile. God conciliates the hearts of men. All might belongs to God.


Incidents must be assessed not through a political outlook but through faith

Administrators and scholars must assess  incidents through deep faith. Otherwise, that is, if they assess them through a purely political outlook, then they will be scorched, because  looking purely through a political perspective prevents them from looking at matters through the viewpoint of faith.  This would be something displeasing to God. One needs to act in the way that pleases God, for since it is God Who creates these  incidents, it is also He Who will put things into order.


The administrators in Egypt must not allow for any hate speechAnd they must base their outlook on love.

Administrators and Islamic scholars [in Egypt] must always be in contact with God. They must think deeply. They need to engage in the most rational act, and the most rational act is love. Especially in the End Times, and  always, the greatest weapon is love. We must insist on love and never allow for hateful speech. (July 7th, 2013: A9TV)


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