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ElBaradei had been prepared for these days beforehand

Adnan Oktar made important comments about Muhammad ElBaradei

Adnan Oktar made statements about ElBaradei who drew strong reactions in Egypt.

What were the statements of ElBaradei?

“ElBaradei confessed that he asked for help from the West to rally the masses and the junta. ElBaradei, who spoke to New York Times, said that he made great effort to convince the Western countries to topple Morsi and that it is essential to oust him by force. ElBaradei also advocated the detention of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership and the closure of Islamic TV channels saying, “The security forces are very concerned. There is an earthquake [happening] and we need to keep these quakes under control.”

Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Comments about ElBaradei

Adnan Oktar: ElBaradei does not approach things with a rational attitude. He encourages savagery. If vulgarity is encouraged, the one encouraging it is also ruined. If you attempt to set people straight with weapons, that environment you form will also give harm to you. The issue must be settled, not by savagery, but by negotiations. ElBaradei’s calling the West to support a coup is a historical mistake. He must come to his senses and make up for his mistake before it is too late.

ElBaradei is a Nobel Peace Laureate but probably he was well-prepared by [the West] beforehand. He put on an air of respectability to be used in such works. By flimsy politics, he was artificially awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to make him seem respectable. They prepared the man first and then presented him.

Otherwise would one never say, Come and make a coup in my homeland.What happened to your position as a Peace Envoy? The Nobel Peace Prize? This is unacceptable. This is simply deceiving the Islamic world. There is no explanation of encouraging foreign forces to any invasion.

ElBaradei will be living with this shame until the end of his life. He has put a great stain on his reputation; he has ruined himself. He has revealed that he has been getting prepared for this for years. It has simply become apparent that The Nobel Peace Prize was given to him artificially to present him as respectable and that this has been a plot. His attitude has nothing to do with peace. He must simply stop being unscrupulous.

Rather than issuing a call for coup he must engage in negotiations. The people of Egypt must have whoever they want as a leader; what is important is the good of Egypt. Why do you encourage a coup although you are aware that there will be bloodshed?” (July 6th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)


Reference: Son Yorum Haber

2013-07-07 18:35:58

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