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Adnan Oktar: "Our Brothers in Egypt Should Perfectly Abide by the Koran"

Adnan Oktar stated that for the affliction to end in Egypt, people need to follow the way of the Mahdi and perfectly believe that the Koran is sufficient

Love, sincerity and the sufficiency of the Koran...

Adnan Oktar stated on A9 TV that for the ongoing affliction to be removed from Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the people of Egypt must definitely have a deeper faith in the sufficiency of the Koran and put this understanding into practice.

If they do not perfectly abide by the Koran, Adnan Oktar stated, that would mean waging a war against the commandment of God, and the only path for God to remove that affliction is through living entirely by the morals of the Koran.

Here are the words of Adnan Oktar:

“Everyone should be made aware that God has control all over the world. God again leads organizations like the Illuminati. For instance, just like the 30 million members of the Muslim Brotherhood who are controlled by God, others who are not members of the Ikhwan are also under His sovereignty.

If God wills, everyone in Egypt would be a follower of the Muslim Brotherhood and they would not cause any unrest. But God creates occurrences in this way for making the trial in this world stronger.

In order for the troubles to end in Egypt, first of all they need to have perfect faith that the Book of God is sufficient. May God forbid, if they were to say, “Not all things are written in the Koran or the Koran is lacking and does not explain all things,” then God would not grant peace to that place. They would live under  that plague  for months or even years, and that would not be removed.

Firstly, everyone must believe that the Koran is sufficient. Secondly, they need to respond to hatred with love. Love is the greatest power of believers in the End Times and has been so throughout the ages.

When people have this loving approach to all events, they will achieve the morality God wants from them and find Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is sent by God in the End Times.

All pains will be ended by means of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the End Times. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will teach them of love and sincerity, that the Koran is sufficient and all these afflictions will end, insha’Allah.”


2013-07-07 17:02:30

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