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Stop trying to sugarcoat military coups

Recently millions of protesters in Egypt, some supportive of and some against Morsi, have staged protests on the streets of Egypt. Things escalated and clashes broke out between the pro-Morsi protesters and the army. It was reported that the army opened fire on protesters especially in the city of Alexandria. Most interestingly, there are still some who claim that this is not an actual ‘military coup’.

Needless to say, Adnan Oktar provided one of the most thought-provoking insights into the developments and explained what really is going on:

Adnan Oktar: They say “We haven’t staged a military coup, this is not a military coup’. If that’s the case, he should have talked to the government and agreed on a reasonable, sensible, rational solution [before doing something like this]. However they went on and gave the government a deadline of 48 hours. Why 48 hours? Why not one week, why not ten days? What’s the rush? Just sit down and talk it out. Just say, ‘Let’s solve this, what do you think we should do?’ How can you expect him to solve anything in 48 hours? And he is going to panic too, what’s the rush? I would understand if a person’s life was depending on it, that would justify the urgency. [He didn’t do that because] he was set on staging a coup all along.

Some say ‘that wasn’t a coup’. If it wasn’t a coup, would innocent people have been arrested, or would innocent people be fired upon?

 “In the last six days, 72 people lost their lives in Egypt, there are more than 1,000 injured. There are curfews in certain parts of the country. Among the casualties, there are victims who were shot directly in the head or other parts of the body. In addition, recent footage surfaced, showing pro-Morsi supporters performing prayers in an open area in North Sina, being fired upon. 20 people were injured in the crowd which had women and children as well.’


Adnan Oktar: “What does he say? “This was a sweet coup, it won’t hurt, this is not a real coup.” Then explain these things. You are firing with machine guns into people praying? If they adopt a policy based on shooting and call it a justified act, and make it a ‘fighting arena’, then things will get extremely dangerous. That would be very foolish.


They should immediately release the arrested leaders. Such a thing cannot be accepted. If they are arresting people, this is definitely a coup. You cannot change the fact by denying it, by saying ‘This is not a military coup’.

They should stop trying to sugar coat the military coups. There can be no sweeter version of a coup. A coup is what it is.

Europeans say ‘This is a harmless, sweet coup, very well done’. Saudi Arabia says ‘Very well done, it is superb’. If it is that superb, would you like it for your own country? You wouldn’t. Then why do you support tyranny when it is in someone else’s country?

Look, they are killing Muslims as they were performing prayers. And then they say ‘It’s all ok, nothing’s happened, this is not a coup’.  The numbers they are giving as to the casualties have got nothing to do with the real numbers; they don’t actually know the number of casualties or the number of  injured people. They keep asking for urgent help, they write to everyone and say ‘Send medical aid’. [The military] disconnected them from the rest of the world, there are no television broadcasts. No one knows the number of people in the morgues. [The military] is now in complete control of all Egypt.

“Muslims strongly react to military coups now”

In the past, when there was a military coup, no matter how harsh or brutal it was, many Muslims in Islamic countries just bowed to pressure and kept quiet. Now it is not like that. They are seriously opposing it, showing their stance against it, they don’t accept it. For instance the military coup in Egypt is not getting the results it was hoping for. A coup was staged, but people are in the streets showing their opposition. Normally, there would be curfews in a coup and no one would go out but now they cannot apply a curfew because Muslims are able to speak up.” (July 6th and 13th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)


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