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Adnan Oktar: “The Ikhwan must emphasize that it is a party that does not only represent women who wear the headscarf”

ADNAN OKTAR: Right after my speech, there were a number of women who don’t wear the headscarf in the demonstrations at the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] rally in Egypt. These are very nice developments: The Ikhwan must be like this. Actually there must be more than three or five  women who don’t wear the headscarf and prefer low-neck outfits, so that it is understood that the Ikhwan is not just a party that represents  women who wear the burka or the  headscarf. A compassionate attitude embracing the whole community suits the Ikhwan really well. However, this spirit must be felt as soon as possible; for example, the fact that they listened to me about this is a very important  response. This is very nice. Let’s enhance this further. Let there be modern young women.


The Ikhwan must bring women into the forefront unprecedentedly

If women are  comfortable and peaceful then that community is peaceful. If women are uneasy then that community cannot be at ease. They must bring women’s rights into the forefront. They must regard women not as half-persons, not as merely a whole person, but as two people. They must show deep respect for women: This must be one of the main policies of the Ikhwan. So that even America and Europe are surprised at their love and respect for the arts and for women. The Ikhwan must have a policy of deep respect and spotlighting  women in a way unobserved in others.

If they popularize this and do it very quickly, it would be very nice. Their moderateness is good, but it would not be right if they are under the influence of America’s neoconservatives and such. These issues will never be solved with coups or violence. We want the Ikhwan to emphasize and put forth this loving spirit that embraces the arts, science, aesthetics and beauty. The Ikhwan must set an example for the whole Islamic world; it must be an example for the whole Islamic world. The Muslim Brothers must strike a powerful blow against this bigotry.

It is very nice that the Ikhwan is very open to suggestions and applies them right away. They must improve on this and enhance this further.

2013-07-06 17:30:27

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