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''Let’s open the borders for Syrian refugees, let’s have our Syrian brothers and sisters come here and let’s make them Turkish citizens''

I think we should open the borders with Syria. I think all the political parties should support this idea. Let’s send a letter to our Prime Minister, and ask him to do that. Recently, those poor people were stuck at the border, they weren’t let in. Let’s open the borders, let’s let them in. And they should come permanently, not for a short period of time. We can give pre-built houses to them. They can pay it back slowly. They can pay with small monthly amounts. And they should be prioritized in recruitment. They can work as agriculture workers, too. They are like strong like lions. They will make those places very beautiful, they can make all those places very green. I think it is crucial. This will also save them from tyranny, it would be perfect. They can come and settle down in Hatay. TOKI can build houses for them. We will pay the taxes to fund it. If two hundred thousand people come, one hundred thousand houses can be built.”  

Those brothers and sisters of ours, they come to Turkey because they trust Turkey. But we shouldn’t say ‘come here only temporarily.’ We should tell them, ‘come and be our citizens’. We can actually register them as our citizens, make them citizens of the Republic of Turkey. A law can be passed for that and all of them can be registered as citizens. We should get them registered as citizens living in Hatay, without further delay. A minimum of two hundred thousand people, insha’ Allah. ” (Adnan Oktar, May 11st, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-06-16 13:27:31

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