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“The whole world must extend a helping hand to our Turkmen brothers who have fled to Lebanon from Syria”


Didem Ürer: Our Turkmen brothers who have fled from Lebanon to Syria are in a very difficult position. Syrian Turkmen families struggling to survive in tents and huts in the village of Duris in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley have requested aid, saying they need assistance of all kinds, but particularly food and clothing. The deputy mayor of Duris has said they can only provide limited assistance to these brothers of ours, and that they need support.

Adnan Oktar: My brother, the United Nations must step in. America must step in. Russia must step in. All countries help each other whenever anything happens. Everyone supports everyone else when there is a disaster, don’t they? And since this is a national disaster, since there is a national tragedy, with pain and killing, going on in Syria, the whole world should be mobilized. The local Red Cross must step in, other aid organizations must step in. If necessary, we must issue warnings.

Russia and America are sleeping. There is a disaster going on. When an earthquake strikes, all countries rush to help, don’t they? Well there is a psychological earthquake going on there. Women, children and the old are in a wretched state. Aid is a moral virtue for everyone. It is what moral virtue demands. Christians help Christians, Jews help Jews, and communists help communists. For example, the United Nations decided on $1.5 billion in aid, but they have been unable to set it into action because of red tape. This is very annoying. Someone is dying, but we need to take your details down first. What is your name? Your father’s name? Where do you live? Do you prefer sweet or savory foods? What business does red tape have there? That is very wrong. People are being ruined. Urgent action is needed. That $1.5 billion in aid needs to be set in motion and spent at once. (Adnan Oktar,  January 23rd, 2013, A9 TV)


2013-03-25 14:36:27

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