The Secret Beyond Matter

“This is the first time in the history of the world that a philosophy that denies Allah has prevailed across the world. We call this the system of the dajjal. And this is the reason for the stagnation, misfortune, economic crisis and tragedies in the world ...”


Marxist-Leninist thinking is regarded as the loftiest, highest quality and the most modern philosophy and ideology in Europe, in France and all over. It is regarded like that in Germany and in France. People admire Marxism and Leninism all over the world. The French state literally worships Marxism (surely Allah is above that). The whole state, everyone, is Marxist. And then there are the smaller groups within  Marxism. I mean, even rightists are Marxist.

Some of my brothers in Turkey are not very well-educated. Some of our southeastern brothers lack information. That is why a cultural offensive is so important. The first thing to be done is the intellectual breaking of the backbone, the brain of Marxism, Darwinism. Darwinism and materialism are injected day and night into tender young minds with an army of millions of instructors in primary, middle and high schools and universities with thousands of pages of wide-ranging information. Then they say, “Why did that person become a Marxist? It is so extraordinary.” In other words, “He should not have become a Marxist, but he did.”

Look at the textbooks. Do you not talk about materialism from the beginning until the end in your books? Do you not teach Darwinism there? What do you say in your textbooks at schools? You say that ‘Allah is the creator, but it is just a belief, and I respect that.” And you go on: “But let me tell you the truth. When we look at it scientifically, realistically, modern science says there is no Allah,” that’s what you say. May Allah forbid. (Surely Allah is beyond that) “I can prove it” you say. “You are on a planet that came into being as the result of a chance explosion. These things have happened in many places, and this is just one of them. There was some muddy water on it. Protein formed there by chance. Then a cell formed by chance, and that cell multiplied and became a fish. And that fish climbed a tree and became a monkey, and so you came into being. The whole thing happened by chance. Therefore, there is no Allah” you conclude. May Allah forbid (Surely Allah is beyond that). In other words, you are saying, “There are no angels, no hereafter, no paradise and hell.” Then you say “but let me tell you about the Qur’an.” If you want to learn about the Qur’an in an optional class, I can teach you that.” And the students say, “Yes, tell us about the Qur’an.” “First memorize the verses of the Qur’an,” you say.  Then the students ask you: “all right, but you told us differently in the biology class, and you said it was the scientific truth. And now what is this?”. And you answer: “That was religion. But you must not confuse the two. If you want to believe, you can do so but the truth, the reality, is evolution,” you continue. “The truth is that there is no Allah (surely Allah is beyond that) and everything was created by chance” you say.

(However, the real truth is that) Proteins cannot form by chance. The structure of protein resembles lace work, the lace that ladies make. It is very complex and very delicate, in the form of aa -bb -cc. It has a very delicate design, and protein is a very delicate molecule. A puff of wind and it goes. Bring iron or copper up close and it dies. Whatever you bring up. Bring ammonia up and proteins break apart . Protein is a very delicate substance.

There has to be a cell in order for protein to form. In other words, another protein is needed. And that finishes any theories of coincidental formation right at that stage, because it is impossible for it to form by itself. They know that in practical terms it is impossible for protein to form by chance. What does Dawkins say? “Protein may have come from space,” he says. When asked who made the protein in space, he just tells them not to worry about that.

There is now a misfortune, a stagnation, a tragedy enfolding the world. There is an economic crisis everywhere, and wars, and the world is suffering. May Allah forbid (surely Allah is beyond that), a philosophy that would challenge Allah has prevailed across the world. We call this the system of the dajjal. This is the first time in the history of the world. No such thing has ever happened since the world came into being. It is the first time that 99% of the world is irreligious, faithless and atheist. Such a thing has never been seen before. There have always been believers and societies consisting of believers. At the very least they believed in idols or something else, stones perhaps (surely Allah is beyond that). But this is the first time that a system has totally denied Allah. There were true prophets and true religions. Pharaoh rejected Islam; but even he believed in a Creator. Maybe they believed in the hereafter. That is why they put food and drink in the tombs, and even the person’s dogs because they believed the person would take them with him when he was restored to life. This is the first time that such an atheist idea, an idea that totally rejects Allah and maintains that the world was entirely created by chance, has prevailed so comprehensively. Its name is the system of the dajjal.

 The system of the Mahdi is in action against this. Very soon, thanks to Jesus the Messiah and Hazrat Mahdi, everyone will come to believe and Islam will reign across the world, insha’Allah.  ( January 17th, 2013, Adnan Oktar, A9 TV)

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