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“I told Wang Xiaoning, attaché at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara, that the climate of fear and the death penalty in the country needs to be abolished.”


Mr. Adnan Oktar held a meeting with Wang Xiaoning, attaché at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, on January 30th, 2013. At the meeting, a most positive one, Adnan Oktar submitted his requests for democratization and an end to persecution. He later went on to say:

“I asked about the allegations, and in general terms he rejected them, of course. But I said it would be better if these were discussed and proved on a live program attended by other officials from the Chinese Embassy. He found that an interesting proposal. He said he would have the necessary facts sent to the embassy in Ankara and the chief Consul. Insha’Allah, that will be very good, because China is important for us, Chinese-Turkish friendship. If China and Turkey are friends, then the gates of Turkish-Islamic Union will be wide open. The Islamic world also supports China, and China supports the Islamic world. The Turkic states support China, and China supports the Turkic states. There would be a huge opening up. But, of course, that fear and sinister image needs to be overcome.

I said that the death penalty should be abolished. I asked him to forward that request to the Chinese government and he said he will do so. “You should have a European-type democracy,” I said. “That is what we desire from you.” He will also forward that request. “The death penalty procedure is very difficult,” he said, but also said that the death penalty was something that should not exist. Our next meeting will be very useful, insha’Allah. I think it will be very effective if it can be broadcast live.” 

2013-02-25 15:37:28

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