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The foreign policy performance of Turkey astonishes

What He Said?What Happened?

Bagdad TV, March 2-2008

Adnan Oktar: Yes, inshaAllah we have a big Islamic Union idea such as Turkish Islamic Union. Whe have an idea like the Muslim world will be the biggest super state in the world by uniting all the Islamic world, all the Turkish world in the leadership of Turkey as a big brother. The entire Turkic world already consists of  Muslims. I’m telling you to make it clear. So at the same time this is already an Islamic union. We believe that there will be abundance, wealth and tranquility in this union. We think that wars will be over and the money which is spent on warfare will be spent for the beneficial things for people. We believe that the time of this union is close.... Sun rises where it sets. Sets where it rises. It generally happens like this. Since sun set here, then it will rise from here. This is my first belief. My second belief, but my actual belief is Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear in Turkey according to hadiths. There are lots of hadiths. It was stated as Constantinople. Also there are lots of hadiths that states Turkish people will be assigned in this issue. There are lots of hadiths that states Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be from Turks. As in terms of historical circumstances, it seems like this. In terms of social circumstances, it seem like this. This means Turkey is the natural leader according to the current flow of  the overall history. There isn’t another country which comes forward for the leadership except Turkey. The most ideal opinion which is accepted in all Islamic world is the leadership of Turkey. So whoever we ask, whichever Arabic country we ask they want the leadership of Turkey. When we ask the Turkish countries, they want the leadership of Turkey too. So we haven’t seen anyone who wants a second country till now.

Daily Posta, January 15-2010

Turkey’s foreign policy is playing the role of being dynamic and taking intiative which hasn’t happened so far in recent times. I see this truth in every capital  that I visit. In so much that I notice that world public opinion is hardly following the steps which Turkey takes. What is the most important result from the Moscow connections?

We have came to the very good point in different levels, from the energy issues to the problems in Caucasia. But the abolishment of the visa is a very important result.

Is there a certain agreement about the abolishment of the visa?

Yes. President of the Russian Federation Dimitry Medvedev and  prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin gave a definite order about the abolishment of visa upon the proposal of the prime minister of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan. Political desicion was taken. Now there will be actions on technical levels and the execution of the process will be appeared.

2010-04-12 19:47:24

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