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Southeastern people are satisfied with their life although they face difficulties

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A9 TV, January 11th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: My dearest Southeastern people mostly wear shoes that are made of car tires. Most of the children wear these. They are poor people living difficult lives.  Especially in winter, if the benevolent people send a hundred pairs of shoes and coats to these poor people, they will acquire merit in Allah’s Sight. My dearest Southeastern people are honorable and they will never reveal that they are in need. They never say, “I need shoes and a coat”. They feel the cold but they never express this. Their chilly toes are exposed and stick out from the holes of their old shoes, but they think it is disgraceful to express their difficult situation. 


Enson Haber January 12th,  2013, 

There is snow for five days in Hakkari, which highly affects life. Snow  reaches  1.5 meters thick in the city center while it is more than 2 meters outside the city. The villages have lost contact with the city center as the roads are closed because of snow. People go to their home under the snow tunnels just like Eskimos do. Still, they drink their tea and chat under those tunnels in a cheerful manner. 

2013-08-09 21:40:14

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