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Municipalities Are Setting up an Architectural Beauty Commission

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A9 TV:  June 6th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: One of the main aims of all regimes is quality. For example, there is no quality. Quality is truly quite low in Turkey. Service is good, but quality is low. For example, there is an airport and it should look good, with greenery, beauty, class and modernity. All right, it is functional. The buildings are sturdy. The buildings are not going to fall down, but they are crude. Not of good quality.

We must bring quality to the fore. Improvement of quality is vital. We are a European country. We are not just some third world country. Quality is vitally important for us. Environmental sensitivity is also important. We see that our prime minister is going to bring this to the fore, we feel it. Insha’Allah, it will be better.

A9 TV:  June 19th,2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Art and beauty have currently come to a halt in Turkey. It was not that strong before. It was very, very weak. It was generally weak in the republican period. Turkey deserved a European-style conception of art and conception of democracy.

There could be a Ministry of Culture and Art, attached to the Ministry of Culture. Or there could be a Ministry of Culture, Art and Beauty. Or a Ministry of Culture and Quality. There needs to be a ministry in which art and quality are all collected together.


July 12th, 2013: Yeni Asır

A number of AKP deputies have proposed an amendment to the draft Construction Bill still being debated at the Turkish Parliament General Council. The draft foresees an Architectural Beauty Commission being empowered to decide whether or not structures and approved architectural projects express suitable concepts.

2013-07-22 03:38:43

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