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The European Union’s First Step Back on the Coup in Egypt

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A9 TV:  July 9th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: You call a tree a tree, you call a lorry a lorry, you call a man a man, and you have to call a coup a coup. If you do not call it a coup, what happens? There has obviously been a coup. All the coups in the world are exactly the same, identical. From the techniques used for murder to the strutting behavior, from their being anti-democratic to the way they bring the government down by force, the list of similarities is endless. Exactly the same. You maintain saying the opposite as much as you like.


A9 TV,  July 10th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: It went according to plan. First they brought Morsi in. Then they established a framework that the populace and the West and the whole world would be uncomfortable with. Then they said, “This is not a coup. Democracy has arrived.” They are laughing at the world. They are trying to portray a fanatical coup as if it were milk and honey.


 July 14th, 2013,  CNN Türk

The European Union has taken a step back regarding the coup in Egypt. EU High Representative Ashton described the administration appointed by those who carried out the coup as “illegitimate.” She also condemned the violence perpetrated by the army in Egypt.

2013-07-22 03:27:41

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