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Mr. Erdogan: No one should be Detained and Elections must be held

What He Said?What Happened?

July 4th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: First of all [in Egypt], it is a shame that those making this coup detained them. The detainees had to have commited a crime in order to be detained. All the detainees must be released.

Detaining them is an impertinence. They should immediately put an end to it. This is a shame. They can keep him in his house. He can be released and he can remain in his house. They are already mature, reasonable people. There is no meaning in resisting the coup. A loveable, respectful, soothing approach must be assumed and early elections must be held. They must also declare openly that they have removed fanaticism.

We can receive no news from them. Everyone would be concerned about him. A leader is detained, there is no news about him. First of all, he should be able to talk to the people readily. In a live broadcast, all deputies must appear. This is something very dark. If your intention is to put things right for democracy, to bring forth freedom and for kindness and beauty, then it is extremely easy to preserve this. 


July 6th, 2013: Hürriyet

Important Statements of our Prime Minister

Mr. President made a statement about the claims that Mursi will be tried:

 “I hope that Mursi being the foremost, this news that we have heard about other people is not true, insha’Allah. What is this? We hear that they will be tried within 48 hours. This would, first and foremost, be a historical mistake. It would be a very wrong step.” He said that no one must be detained and elections must be held as soon as possible.

2013-07-20 01:56:53

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