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Jews Prayed for Mahdi (pbuh)

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A9 TV, November 16th, 2012

Israel began shelling Gaza again in the early hours of this morning. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a mobilization, calling on 30,000 reservists to be ready. With the most recent attacks, 20 Palestinians have died and some 235 have been injured. It was also learned that the Internal Affairs Ministry building was hit and destroyed in the attacks. Several attacks were also carried out against many civilian settlements in the north of Gaza. Israel has hit a total of 300 separate points in three days.

ADNAN OKTAR: Devout people in Israel must also ask Allah for Moshiach, ask with great fervor. They must pray out loud in the streets. They must be heard saying, “O Lord, show us Moshiach.” Young people in Palestine must also use a more powerful language for their requests for Islamic Unity. They must pray to Allah, saying, “O Lord, show us the Mahdi (pbuh), and allow us to meet Jesus the Messiah (pbuh)” and they must ask for that out loud. Then prosperity and beauty will prevail the region. Otherwise, the tragedies will never end.

A9 TV,  November 15th, 2012

Israel keeps shelling Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the army is ready to broaden the operation in Gaza and the attacks will continue. And the USA made a statement today and said, “We support Israel’s right to self-defense .” Palestine organized a missile attack to the south of Israel. Three Israeli people lost their lives.

ADNAN OKTAR: The solution is Islamic Union. Uniting all the Muslims. Then Israel will find the happiness she has sought for  3,000 years. Peace, rest and order will then prevail in the region.  Trade, art, science will develop to the utmost. Democracy will prevail in the perfect sense. The external threat will diminish entirely. They will live in love, brotherhood, peace and rest. What Israel should do is to pray Allah constantly for Moshiach and the appearance of the King Messiah. What Palestine should do is to pray Allah constantly for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and strive for Islamic Union.

A9 TV,  June 5th, 2012

What I ask from Jews is to put aside the denominational differences and unite, become brothers and get together in big squares and pray to Allah in Hebrew. I want them to pray as stated in the Torah: “O Lord, show us the Messiah. O Lord, send us the son of David. Let us see him if he has come. Make them our leaders. Show us the power of him and his students. Support us with him.”

The sorrows will not end unless King Messiah appears. Everywhere, every incident, every idea will be a source of pain. It is impossible for humanity to solve this with social, political or other scientific means. If they could, they would not live with this misery for hundreds of years. It is pointless to resist  King Messiah. King Messiah is a blessing and beauty, goodness and abundance for them. Let the religious Jews come together, protect each other, and pray to Allah for the King Messiah. It is that easy. Muslims should also pray to Allah in the same way. Christians have a different belief; they are waiting for Hazrat Isa (pbuh). And Hazrat Isa Messiah has also come. Then the result will be very good. If we could solve these problems with irreligious, atheistic science and social measures, then we would not have this scene. Now there is sorrow in the world. We see in the Torah and the hadith of our Prophet (saas) that only solution is the system of the Mahdi and the system of the Messiah. Resisting this is only a waste of time. It will only increase people’s pain. 




November 20th, 2012, Milliyet Blog


The Jewish scholars and people did not remain unresponsive to the recent conflict between Israel and Palestine. A great number of Jewish people prayed at the Wailing Wall for peace and the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi soon . 


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