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Jordan Prime Minister: You are a Perfect Example of Islam in the Modern World

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Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah en-Nasur: “You are a model of Islam among the modern world.”

Azerbaijan ATV: August 27th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: TURKEY REALLY IS A MODEL COUNTRY FOR THE ISLAMIC WORLD. IN OTHER WORDS, IT HAS A STRUCTURE THAT HAS A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF TURKISH NATIONALISM AND APPLIES THAT VERY WELL, AND THAT ALSO UNDERSTANDS AND APPLIES ISLAM VERY WELL, IN ADDITION TO ADOPTING SECULARISM VERY WELL. However, all Islamic countries agree that Turkey is the country that best applies and lives by Islam. Turkey is acting precisely in terms of cleanliness, understanding, experience and piety. Maybe Ottoman scholars were influential in this formation because this is the legacy of Ottoman Empire; Allah creates a great beauty in this way. So I think Turkey is suitable for being the leader of Turkish Islamic world.

Kordon TV: July 27th, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  Frankly, what I mean is; TURKEY IS REQUIRED TO ACT AS AN ELDER BROTHER, A LEADER TO ALL THE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST.. Turkey is a country where wise, sincere, conscientious people exist. And every country loves the Turkish Army. Wherever they go, people feel love for them.  They, for instance, go to Iraq and people there love them. They go to Bosnia; people there again love them. In Somalia; again people show love to them. They are respected everywhere. This means that the entire Middle East, the Islamic world loves the Turkish Army and the Turkish nation. THUS, THEY WANT TURKS TO BE THEIR ELDER BROTHER.

Uşak ART TV: August 19th, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  One that is devout fears Allah and acts rationally and logically; that is the kind of nation that Allah makes the standard bearer of Islam. That is the kind of nation to which Allah has given the task of disseminating Islam, insha'Allah. This is a nation that lives by such exemplary moral values, a nation that  lives so much by Islam. Ask anyone in the Islamic world. Ask who best lives according to Islam. They will say the Turks.  It is the Turks who live most rationally, most justly and most consistently. They are very clean, immaculate people. There is complete agreement. Everyone says Turkey should be the leader. Everyone in the Turkic world and the Islamic world says that. 



February 26th, 2013: Star


Fehmi Koru, Turkish journalist, interviewed Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah en-Nasur who said, “You are a model of Islam among the modern world. You are a secular country, modern and democratic. Your President and Prime Minister go from strength to strength. All of these make your country an excellent model for the Middle East. Other Arab countries also think like us; they also think that Turkey is the elder brother.”

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