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Saakasvili Praises Turkey’s Role in the Region

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Azerbaijan State News Agency:  August 14th, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Frankly, Turkey is the greatest state in the world. I am not exaggerating this actually; it is really the greatest one. Let me put it in this way; Turkey will join the European Unıon after taking the lead of the great Turkish İslamic Union. It will feed and strengthen Europe. This position will also enable Russia to become strong. This will also allow Armenia and Israel to feel relieved and cause the Palestinian problem to come to an end. SO TURKEY IS THE ONLY STATE THAT WILL RESCUE THE WHOLE WORLD. IT ACTS LIKE AN INSURANCE OF THE WORLD. Sure enough Turkey ıs significant and in 10 to20 years the whole world will start to see this. Turkey will enable every state in the world to become brothers and sisters.
This is the law of Allah, Insha’Allah and this is  fate, Insha’Allah.

Seher TV: October 3rd, 2008

ADNAN OKTAR: Let me tell you that TURKEY WILL BE THE LEADER. IN OTHER WORDS, IT IS THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION.  Allah knows the best, but I think Allah gave this duty, this leadership to the Turkish nation, as it was the case in the Oottoman time. And it will do the job greatly this time, too.  TURKS ARE PERFECT FOR THE JOB, THE LEADERSHIP, EVEN THE LEADERSHIP OF THE WORLD.  Turkish people are humble people, they have gone through a lot. They are selfless people who have love for everyone. They are very hospitable and helpful. Turkish people have great moral values and it is a fact that they are the ones that has the most beautiful interpretation of Islam. Everyone agrees on that. 




Haber Vaktim:  May 31st, 2012



Georgian President Saakaşvili said that Turkey has emerged as a regional leader and fights for  peace in the Middle East. The Georgian leader said that Turkey achieved its position with great ideas and its position as a role model for the region as well as its preeminent military and economic power. 

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