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Yiğit Bulut: Erdoğan is the Most Patriotic Leader in Turkish Republic's History

March 11th, 2013: Enson Haber

Famous columnist Mr. Yigit Bulut replied to the questions of Nil Gulsum of the Milat Newspaper. He said, “If people call somebody a ‘partisan’ who stands behind Mr. Tayyip Erdogan and says ‘I also wear the burial cloth if my prime minister wears it’, then you can call me a partisan. I am following a leader. For me, Prime Minister Erdogan is the strongest national leader. What else should I ask from Allah?”


A9 TV, December 1st, 2012
ADNAN OKTAR: I am not saying this just to pay compliments to our Prime Minister. I am sincere as I say, after Ataturk, there is no other leader except Mr. Erdogan. He is modest and he does not boast of his success. If you technically analyze things, you will see that there is no other Prime Minister who is that smart and sincere in the history of Turkish Republic. Well done! There has been no other leader who understands the soul of the people like him, masha’Allah. 
A9 TV, December 07th, 2012
ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prime Minister is an Anatolian young man. He is modest and he does everything for the favor of people. That is all he can do and that is what is defined by the destiny created by Allah. He is the best and most sincere Prime Minister in the history of the Turkish Republic I have seen so far.



2013-03-26 20:37:46

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