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Mr. Kilicdaroglu played horon with Rizeli people

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Samsun AKS TV, November 4th, 2010
ADNAN OKTAR: Having  a cold demeanor is not suitable for the CHP (Republican People’s Party). LET THE CHP GO TO THE PUBLIC, BE CLOSE TO THE PEOPLE, EMBRACE ISLAM, EMBRACE MUSLIMS, EMBRACE OUR SISTERS WHO WEAR HEADSCARVES. Nothing negative will happen, Insha’Allah. On the contrary it will bring goodness. They are distinguished, nice people of good quality. LET THEM MAKE A MODERN MUSLIM UNDERSTANDING - THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE ISLAM IN THE QUR'AN - DOMINANT IN OUR COUNTRY. LET THEM MAKE AN ISLAM OF THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE COMPANIONS OF OUR PROPHET (saas) DOMINANT IN OUR COUNTRY. LET THEM SPEAK OF THESE BEAUTIES. THIS WOULD BE VERY NICE. There is good in everything. Everything will come to an end in the nicest way. 
A9 TV, December 18th, 2012
ADNAN OKTAR: Mr. Kilicdaroglu is an honest, pious, Muslim gentleman. It is not reasonable to talk like a follower of one sect. Alawism is light in Islam. Alawism is love, friendship, goodness, and beauty. It means  that. Such good people increasing in the CHP will strengthen the CHP and cause it come to power. In other words, some people in the CHP need to leave behind the old traditional mentality. Instead of behaving in a cold manner, they should behave in a warm and friendly style in which they embrace people. This old traditional cold-minded style disturbs people. In the past, there were people in the CHP who were cold enough to boast  that they would make reforms. However the real revolution is in becoming multi- cultural, loving, elegant and conscientious. Bringing pain, causing troubles, creating an atmosphere full of fear is not a revolution.
A9 TV, August 20th, 2012
ADNAN OKTAR: If the CHP is open about its standing on materialism and Darwinism, it will get 70% of the votes. The CHP should develop an attitude against the mentality of the so-called Ergenekon terror organization that looks down on others and adopt a loving, friendly and modern approach, including a Kemalist understanding of religion.




March 09th, 2013: Enson Haber

Mr. Kılicdaroglu played horon (a folk dance of the Eastern Black Sea coastal region) in Rize with people and ate some local food with them during his Black Sea visit.

2013-03-26 19:54:39

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