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Sarkozy: “Turkey Forms the Balance Of The World”

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Kıbrıs Ada TV,  August 1st, 2008

Adnan Oktar: If you could see ahead, you could not recognize the Turkey of the future. IN THE REAL SENSE OF THE WORD, IT WILL BE THE SUPER STATE OF THE REGION and as a result Israel will be saved, Armenia and Palestine will feel relieved. Israel will attain an unprecedented peace and security. The problem of Palestine will be solved completely. THE FOCAL POINT OF ALL EVENTS IS TURKEY and there is an explicit request. Iraq also requests it. It wants to unite with Turkey and so does Syria. Syria also wants to unite with Turkey and wants to remain under  Turkey’s administration. But surely their states will be separate. They want Turkey to be the spiritual leader.


TASCA (Turkish-Arab Science, Culture and Art Association)  November 21st,  2008

Adnan Oktar: A headless body cannot survive. In the case of an existence of a system with a head, TURKEY CAN BE A GREAT LEADER. IT HAS EXPERIENCE INHERITED FROM THE OTTOMAN ERA. IT HAS A MATURE AND WELL-EDUCATED PEOPLE. TURKEY HAS A SENSIBLE, GREAT ADMINISTRATIVE CLASS. THIS MEANS A VERY SUCCESSFUL POWER, A GREAT POWER. AND NO ONE RAISES ANY OBJECTION AGAINST THIS. Why would they raise objection against Turkey when people are happy, and they receive great service from the brotherhood and leadership of Turkey and have such great benefit? It benefits Turkey in the sense that it would put an end to terror. It would come to an end at that instant, and Turkey would become richer. And all the  cruelty in the Arabic countries would come to an end. 


Akşam,   February 26th, 2011


Mr. Sarkozy paid a visit to Mr. Erdogan at the Prime Minister’s office. Referring to Mr. Erdogan, Mr. Sarkozy said, “He is a brave person whom I respect very much.” And he also praised Turkey by saying “Turkey can contribute to the balance of the World in terms of history and democracy. The role of being a bridge between West and East is significant.”

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