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Turkey has left Europe behind

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Cay TV,  July 23rd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Everyone must honestly believe that TURKEY IS HEADING IN A GOOD DIRECTION AND THAT WE WILL REALLY BECOME A SUPER STATE. TURKEY WILL BE A GREATER STATE THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN IN THE PAST. Insha’Allah, it will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. We are at the initial stages of this historic mission. And the Turkish nation is one that will free the whole world from anarchy, terror, distress, pain and all its sufferings. It is a really noble, decent nation toughened by troubles and sufferings. It has a spirit oriented towards managing the world and being of use to it. It seems that Allah has bestowed this task on our nation, Insha’Allah. We shall soon see this coming true, Insha’Allah.


Erzincan Can TV,  July 23rd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: THE EU IS A VERY BENEFICIAL UNION, IT IS ALSO VERY NECESSARY. TURKEY MUST ENTER IT, BUT NOT IN ITS CURRENT FORM. IT MUST ENTER AS THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION. IT MUST ENTER AS A SUPER STATE THAT SERVES AS A BRIDGE TO EUROPE. The value of Europe will then incredibly increase. It will develop enormously. The US will develop more. Russia will feel relieved. China will feel relieved. Every neighbor etc., will feel relieved. It is the Turkish Nation that will ensure the most beautiful peace and love in Turkey. This was also so in the Ottoman period and in this period. Allah, Insha’Allah, has given this duty to this nation.






Star/ December 11th, 2010


Germany’s newspaper Handelsblatt reports, that Turkey who was once a developing country, now has become a regional power in the short term. The article  has been broadcast under the topic: “Turkey left Europe behind.” reads “Now Turkey feels herself so powerful that the EU is losing its significance.” It is mentioned that number of Turkish people approving of EU membership has decreased by half, and only 38% of the people would like to be an EU member now. Mehmet Simsek, Minister of Finance said: “If Turkey has enough capital, she can develop by 7-8 % while Europe is weak in this” and added that Turkey wants EU membership in terms of democracy, human rights and opening of the society. Europe indeed can benefit from these memberships in terms of economics. Mr Şimsek stated,  “Europe needs us; we can bring dynamism to Europe”.  It is also mentioned in the article that development can be seen in everywhere in Turkey. 

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