The Secret Beyond Matter

“I am Kurdish, I long to give my life for the Turkish flag, the star and crescent”

Sabah /  February 28th, 2012

Sergeant Coskun Gol was martyred in Nusaybin village of Mardin Province while trying to disarm a bomb that was planted by PKK terrorists. His brother, Cengiz Gol, said “I am Kurdish and I am proud of being Kurdish. My brother gave his life for the sake of my homeland under the flag of the star and crescent. I will also give my life. I have never been exposed to discrimination from my state. I condemn the ones who apply discrimination. There are many games being played regarding us. Their children are on holiday or in abroad. They are in good spirits. However, my brother gave his life and I will give my life too.”


A9 TV ve Adiyaman Asu TV,  April 11th, 2011,

Adnan Oktar:  What are you doing to my dearest Kurdish brothers? They are all devout Muslim people. They are very sweet people. Do you know where you are pushing them to? Are you aware of what you are doing? THESE PEOPLE LIKE TO BE PIOUS, WELL-MANNERED. THEY ARE FOND OF BROTHERHOOD AND FRIENDSHIP.

Kackar TV,  April 15th, 2011

Adnan Oktar: BECAUSE OF THEIR WORK, THEY RECEIVED A RESPONSE THAT THEY COULD NOT PREDICT. BROTHERHOOD IS IN THE SPIRIT OF ISLAM. THIS SPIRIT INVOLVES RESPECTING AND OBEYING THE STATE AND AVOIDING DISORDER. Our brothers living in the Southeast are practicing Islam with great love, joy and fervor. The Southeastern people are very religious. Thus, their piety will help them to stand against disorder or division.


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