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Mr. Erdogan: Turkey will energize Europe

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Azerbaijan State News Agency,  August 14th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The salvation of the EUROPEAN UNION and the United States IS IN THE HANDS OF TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION. THE EUROPEAN UNION and also the United States WILL CONTINUE TO COLLAPSE UNLESS THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION IS ESTABLISHED. These two are proceeding towards downfall.

Kanal 35,  December 14th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is a great country; they must ask Turkey to enter the EU. Furthermore, in one sense, they must plead for it BECAUSE IT IS TURKEY WHICH WILL MAKE THEM WEALTHY, WHICH WILL SAVE THEM. It is the dynamic power of Turkey, its dynamic youth and the dynamic youth of all the Turkic states, its underground treasures, oil, natural gas [that will save the EU]. The capital and oil of the entire Islamic world are at their feet right now. Turkey will administer them; it will be in the position of a leader, an elder brother. That is, it will be a channel for Europe. Europe is proceeding towards its demise. Turkey is a blood transfusion to save it; that is to say, it is what Europe urgently needs.


Kırşehir AHI TV,  July 15th, 2008

The Presenter:  May I have your thoughts on the European Union? Do you think Turkey must become a member of the EU?

Adnan Oktar: It will be good for Turkey to become a member of the EU. It will be good in every aspect. However, this manner of becoming a member is not appropriate. Turkey first needs to become a super state, a great Turkey and the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union and then become an EU member. IN THAT CASE, TURKEY WILL HAVE A VERY BENEFICIAL EFFECT ON THE EUROPEAN UNION. THE EU WILL GAIN GREAT WEALTH, RELIEF, PEACE AND SECURITY.

Gaziantep Kanal 5,  September 22nd, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  Adnan Oktar: Let’s enter the European Union with glory and honor. Let’s enter as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Otherwise, entering the European Union and asking them for funds and jobs is not something appropriate for the Turkish Nation; an attitude as in 'We need to be saved' is not fit for us.  WE GO TO SAVE THEM. WE GIVE THEM FUNDS, WE OFFER THEM ECONOMIC MEANS, AND WE ENTER AS A LEADER. WE OFFER THEM THE RICHNESS AND POWER OF THE WHOLE OF ASIA AND THE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. WE ALSO OFFER THEM THEIR OWN TECHNICAL MEANS . WE ACT AS A BRIDGE




5 February 2013, Sabah


Mr. Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, mentioned that the European Union actually needs Turkey and stated :

“I say that the European Union has a strategic significance for Turkey, but, how long will it last?  The activities of racism, the attacks taking place in Europe have already reached dangerous dimensions.   So by becoming a member, Turkey will energize Europe, not become a burden for them. Turkey will provide a vision for Europe and enable them to understand the Middle East and Africa. She can provide them a bridge between the Islamic world and Europe and prevent the racist activities from increasing. Some leaders’ populist politics have prevented this process. However, Turkey’s entering the EU will allow her to become an antidote   to the idea of racial segregation in Europe. Fighting is easy but making peace is difficult. We apply for the difficult duty. A global justice needs to be achieved.”

2013-02-19 22:07:21

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