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Turkish citizens ran for help to the Syrians

What He Said?What Happened?


 January 12th, 2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Our Southeastern brothers are very nice people. They are  persons of the highest personal character, very good-natured people Masha’Allah.


 January 20th, 2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: In brief, our Southeastern brothers are very dear to us. They are noble people. Not everyone knows this. They are noble, dignified, honorable people. They will never accept when  you offer them some food or clothes. If you insist on this, perhaps they may take these. Their feet are generally getting frozen but they never  ask for anything. They are really noble, dignified people.


 January 11th, 2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: My dearest Southeastern people mostly wear shoes that are made of black car tires. Most of the children wear these. They are poor people living difficult lives. My dearest Southeastern people are honorable and they will never reveal that they are in need. They never say, “I need shoes and a coat”. They feel the cold but never express this. Their chilly toes are exposed and stick out from the holes of their old shoes but they think it is disgraceful to express their difficult situation. 



27 January 2013, Yeni Şafak

Syrian refugees in the hundreds are waiting for their turn to enter to the container town in Harran district. They have their children with them. For almost one week, these Syrian refugees have been sleeping on a farm. So the Turkish villagers in the neighborhood are trying to help them. Villagers are cooking for them and also have asked the authorities to help the refugees as soon as possible. 

2013-02-19 22:00:20

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