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Putin, “Islam is an Integral Part of Russia”

What He Said?What Happened?


Azerbaijan, Novoye Vremya,October 6th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Super, super, very nice. All are our brothers and they have been separated from us. The Russian nation is a beautiful one, they are all very nice people, and they have always lived in close affinity with the Turkish people. AS A MATTER OF FACT, RUSSIA IS AT THE SAME TIME A TURKISH STATE AND IT IS A COUNTRY SHELTERING A MUSLIM POPULATION. BESIDES, RUSSIA IS ASPIRING TO BE A PART OF THE ORGANIZATION OF ISLAMIC COOPERATION (OIC). This means Russia is also our land, we have our place there, but there is only a separation between the states. We need to approach them with intense love and affection, because millions of Turks are living in Russia. And wherever you visit in Russia, there are Muslims everywhere, masha’Allah. Therefore we should not see them as foreigners. Those are also our lands, insha’Allah, and our brothers are there, insha’Allah. 



Sabah Newspaper /  September 1st, 2012



Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he was appreciative of the fruitful efforts of Muslim organizations in Russia and added that the Russian State guarantees the rights of Muslim communities to live as per their own beliefs, including their pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the Islamic World. Putin went on by saying, “Islam is an integral part of the religious, social and cultural way of living in modern Russia. Its principles are based on goodness, compassion and justice.”

2013-02-10 16:42:31

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