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CHP is becoming devout

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Samsun AKS TV,  November 4th, 2010

Adnan Oktar:  Being stern does not befit the CHP (Republican People’s Party -A Turkish Political Party). THE CHP SHOULD OPEN UP TO THE PUBLIC, TO THE PEOPLE, IT SHOULD EMBRACE ISLAM, IT SHOULD EMBRACE MUSLIMS. IT SHOULD EMBRACE OUR SISTERS WITH HEADSCARVES. Nothing bad would come out of that, insha'Allah. On the contrary, everything will be more beautiful. High quality, outstanding people, they are all very nice people. THEY SHOULD MAKE THE UNDERSTANDING OF MODERN ISLAM, ISLAM IN THE QUR'AN, PREVAIL IN TURKEY. THEY SHOULD MAKE ISLAM IN THE DAYS OF THE COMPANIONS PREVAIL IN TURKEY. THEY SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT THOSE; THAT WOULD BE VERY VERY NICE. But, insha'Allah, there is good in everything, things will end up with goodness.

Karadeniz TV,  December 31st, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  There are very nice developments in the attitude of Deniz Baykal for such a long time. BECAUSE HE IS SUCH AN INTELLECTUAL AND PROGRESSIVE PERSON, HE IS ABLE TO ADVANCE TRUE RELIGIOUSNESS AND PROGRESSIVENESS TOGETHER, THAT IS A VERY NICE CHARACTERISTIC OF HIS. For instance, he takes his grandsons and goes to the mosque with them and prays, that is an excellent thing to do. It is obvious that such an act would be more influential than verbal explanations. He would then be giving a message saying "YOU SHOULD ALSO TAKE YOUR CHILDREN AND GO TO THE MOSQUES AND MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE RELIGIOUS, THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE AS WELL." That is very very nice. He is a person very, very steadfast about our customs and traditions. His love and respect for the prominent figures of religion is obvious. However, stern attitudes questioning whether or not such approaches agree with being a leftist would be wrong. If being a leftist comes to mean social democracy, then that is something demanded by the Qur'an anyway, that is what Allah wants. Being a social democrat is a feature of good morality, it is such a beauty anyway. We will of course protect and watch over those in need, we will of course support them socially. We will show them love. That is superiority; but if you combine this with religiousness and nationalism, it would be great.   


En Son Haber  , April 29th, 2012

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