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New leader of the Syrian opposition

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A9 TV,  November 2nd, 2012

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov repeated his support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. Lavrov emphasized that removal of Assad from government is not a solution and added, “The Syrian people should determine the future of Assad. If removing Assad from government is a priority for some, this would mean that there will be more bloodshed in Syria. If Assad leaves government there would be more violence”.

ADNAN OKTAR: But until now there should be a name that comes forth as a leader; a moderate, compassionate, reasonable person should come forth and say “I am a leader and I am ready”. They might feel restless when it is not certain who will be the leader. He should say, “My point of view on Europe is like this and that”. Right? He should make a calming speech. It is okay to remove Assad from government, but he should be taken off duty in a non-humiliating and relaxing manner, not by putting him in danger or making him uncomfortable or restless. We need to find a solution to that.



Internet Haber,   November 12th, 2012, 

The name of the umbrella organization  of the Syrian opposition was determined as the “Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces”. Sheikh Ahmad Muaz al-Hatib was elected as the president of the coalition.

It is noted that al-Hatib is a moderate figure. Al-Hatib, born in Damascus in 1960, is known as one of the prominent Sunni religious scholars of the country.

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