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“Three party system” proposal for Syria

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV, October 18th, 2012,

More than thirty thousand people died in the riots that began against the Assad regime in Syria 19 months ago. It was reported that twenty eight people were kidnapped and no news has been  received from these people.

It is true that there is oppression there. But it is possible to persuade men both ways. With one way you can break his head and kill; with another way, you can feel compassion and mercy and try to save in a sincere way. The thing to do in Syria is to approach them with compassion. A misguided style is being applied. This is not the system of the Mahdi. If they spoke of the Islamic Union to Assad insistently, I think he would have accepted it. They should bring the Iranian government, the Syrian government and the Egyptian  government together and say, “No harm would be done if we united, and no one can prevent it”. If this is said in a sincere conversation, it could be done. This will be said one time only. There is nothing else.

October 16th, 2012, A9 TV

According to a news item in the web site of Zaman newspaper, Bashar Assad is using cluster bombs against the people.Assad is not using them. Assad is building the regime. Assad would be afraid and would not want something like that. They enslaved him. If they want to do him any good, they should save him from there. The Assad regime has a psychopathic, deep state structure . It is a savage one and composed of murderers. It is made up of professional killers.

If Turkey and Iran join against him, they can bring him out and down to smooth everything over. We need to meet with Ahmedinejad. We need to speak to  him openly and bravely. We need to call people from the Syrian embassy and speak about what to do and how to do it. He (Assad) would be persuaded if he is spoken to briefly in a sincere way.

July 28th, 2012, A9 TV

DİDEM ÜRER: Master, it was reported that tanks from the Syrian army today entered Aleppo and bombarded the city. Press representatives of the Syrian General Revolutionary Council claimed that the army used cluster and demolition bombs as well as vacuum bombs that burst the lungs by forming an air gap during its attack against Aleppo. Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov claimed that a new tragedy was about to happen in Aleppo and that the West should not be supporting the opposing party as such  support causes more blood to be shed.

ADNAN OKTAR: He says, “Do not touch the killer”. He says, “Do not make a sound. He would cut you, harm you less”. There is a maniac with a knife in his hand and he is attacking children and the elderly and he says, “Do not resist, you would make him even more mad”. He says “Surrender so he can cut you more easily”. Instead of doing that, Russia should send an ultimatum to Syria and it is solved. If she (Russia) says, “Let go of the government” then it is over. It is up to Russia. If Lavrov is to do any good, he should ask the government to withdraw. There should be a democratic election. Russia shall come, China shall come, America shall also come; let’s form a peace force in Syria.

Russia should do something nice; Putin should say, “We want the government in Syria to withdraw; let’s pave the path for new elections and a legitimate government.” Putin will say this and that’s it. The Syrian crisis ends immediately. It is between the two lips of Putin. If Putin does this favor, he would be loved and respected by the entire Islamic community. Until he does this, there would be suspicion.



Posta, November 4th, 2012, 


Deputy Minister and Middle East Special Representative of President Vladimir Putin, Mihail Bogdanov said, “We are ready to take our stand in a three party group” as to Turkey’s proposal about a three party system, during Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Egypt.

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